Salesforce Interaction-Studio-Accredited-Professional dumps

Salesforce Interaction-Studio-Accredited-Professional Exam Dumps

Salesforce Interaction Studio Accredited Professional Exam (WI24)
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Exam Code Interaction-Studio-Accredited-Professional
Exam Name Salesforce Interaction Studio Accredited Professional Exam (WI24)
Questions 74 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date June 20,2024
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Salesforce Interaction-Studio-Accredited-Professional Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which development language is used to code the sitemap? 

A. Python 
B. Javascript 
C. jQuery 
D. Ampscript 

Question # 2

What are two ways to populate the interaction studio catalog? [check] 

A. ETL Feed 
B. Third-party integration 
C. Web sdk 
D. Email pixel 

Question # 3

ETL feeds must follow explicit specifications and require which type of file format? 

A. Binary 
D. Text 

Question # 4

In which two locations in the pageType definition can a developer pass in attributes? 

A. Listeners 
B. cashdom 
C. Ismatch 
D. onActionEvent 

Question # 5

Which ingredient shows a vistor products or content based on a "people like me" algorithm? 

A. Similar Items 
B. Trending 
C. Collaborative Filtering 
D. Co Browser

Question # 6

If you want to compare the completion of two objectives based on a filter, what report would you use? 

A. Visitor behaviour report 
B. Referring sources report 
C. Goal completion report 
D. Goal comparison report 

Question # 7

What are two types that real time interaction management helps marketers to personalize the customer 

A. Data Aggregation 
B. Data Storage 
C. Next best Action 
D. Orchestration 

Question # 8

What would a marketer include if they want to ensure they display recommendations from more than one category? 

A. Variation 
B. Exclusion 
C. Ingredient 
D. Booster 

Question # 9

What are three features of the WebSDK when deployed on a website? 

A. Configure filters andgoals 
B. Rendering campaign for personalisation 
C. Identity and cookie management 
D. Sitemapping for data collection 
E. Loading data from ETL feeds 

Question # 10

If a developer needs to test a website where a beacon from a different dataset has been deployed, which feature of the Evergage Launcher needs to be enabled to simulate? 

A. Developer tools 
B. Force SDK URL 
C. Campaign Debugger 
D. Inject SDK 

Question # 11

What three components can a web developer define by pageType? 

A. Item Actions 
B. Campaign 
C. Goals 
D. Content Zones 
E. Capturing Attribute 

Question # 12

What three components are defined by the developer in the Sitemap? 

A. Page Types 
B. Events 
C. Promotions 
D. Campaigns 
E. Content Zones 

Question # 13

What two features of interaction studiohave functionality to perform an A/B testing?

A. Templates 
B. Campaigns 
C. Segments 
D. Recipes 

Question # 14

In the user interface what is the visual representation of the data about a single visitorincluding preference? 

A. Unified view of customer 
B. unified customer profile 
C. Single source of truth 
D. Single view of customer 

Question # 15

What is the unified customer profile? 

A. A view of each visitor, customer, and user based on their behaviour on your website, with marketing emails or, with any integrated channel 
B. A offline report of every visitor, customer, and user based on their interaction with your website, web application, mobile store, call center, and email received from your company 
C. A unified view of all customer activity across, websites, web applications, mobile store, call center 
D. A profile view for administrators to see activity across all of the customer touch points 

Question # 16

How many times can a visitor accomplish a goal in interaction studio? 

A. It varies depending on the setup of the goal segment 
B. Each time a visitor leaves and rejoins the goal segment 
C. Only once for all time
 D. No more than twice or the goal completion will no longer be counted 

Question # 17

A business user wants to deliver different experiences to different segments within the same campaign, which testing option should they select? 

A. A/B testing 
B. Rule based testing 
C. Time basedtesting 
D. Variation testing 

Question # 18

What is the interaction studio terminology for the collection of products and content as well as related categories, and tags -such as brand, gender, style, keyword and author? 

A. Dimensions
 B. Catalog 
C. Channel
 D. Directory 

Question # 19

What three things does a developer code in web template? 

A. Campaign qualification rules 
B. HTML and CSS for controlling appearance 
C. Client side instructions for rendering 
D. Set the control group percentage 
E. Defining what can be configured in a campaign

Question # 20

What are thecomponents of an interaction studio web campaign? [check] 

A. Email capture, homepage, and product requisite 
B. Experience, template, and content Zone 
C. Configured recipe, visitor profile, and content window 
D. Affinity, infobard and attribution window 

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