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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (WI24)
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Exam Code Platform-App-Builder
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (WI24)
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Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Sample Questions

Question # 1

Describe the ramifications of field updates and potential for recursion for the following scenario: If a field update for Rule1 triggers Rule2, and a field update for Rule2 triggers Rule1

A. When the second trigger is saved an Imminent Loop Error message will be displayed and the workflow rule update will not save 
B. Loop is allowed to run 25 times within one hour. If it does not end on its own the process will be stopped by R&D 
C. The updates create a loop and the org limits for workflow time triggers per hour will likely be violated 
D. The updates create a loop and the org be blocked until the admin resolves the issue 

Question # 2

Which attribute must field have to be used in external modeling?

A. External ID 
B. Unique 
C. Required 
D. None of the above 

Question # 3

Universal Containers manages internal projects by department using a custom object called projects. Only employees in the project's respective department should have view access toall of the department's project records. If an employee changes job roles and moves to another department, the employee should no longer have access to the projects within theirformer department. How can these requirements be met assuming the organization-wide default for projects is set to private? (Choose 2)

A. Create a criteria-based sharing rule using the project’s department that grants access to users by permission sets. 
B. Create a criteria-based sharing rule using the project’s department that grants access to users by public groups. 
C. Create a criteria-based sharing rule using the project’s department that grants access to users by profiles. 
D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule using the project’s department that grants access to users by roles. 

Question # 4

At Universal Containers, each admin and developer use a separate developer pro sandbox. Configuration and code are then migrated to a partial data sandbox for combination and initial testing. Once approved the configuration and code are then migrated to a full sandbox for final toad and regression testing before going to production.When should the full sandbox be refreshed?

A. After user acceptance testing is complete. 
B. After each push from the partial data sandbox. 
C. After each major release to production. 
D. After a new user is added to production. 

Question # 5

A sales rep at universal containers uses salesforce on their mobile devices. They want a way to add new contacts quickly and then follow up later to complete the additional informationnecessary. What mobile should an app builder recommend?

A. Customize the mobile menu to move contacts to the top 
B. Add a compact layout to contacts 
C. Build a global action to create contacts 
D. Use path and set pre-defined values 

Question # 6

At Universal containers, all US Sales reps should be able to view the US Team dashboard, however, only the US sales directors should be able to see the data in the component andview its source report. How can an app builder ensure the proper access is granted?

A. Make the US Sales Director the running user and share the dashboard folder with the role US Sales Rep 
B. Make the dashboard dynamic and give US Sales Reps the view my teams dashboard permission 
C. Share the dashboard folder with roles and subordinates of the US Sales Director and share the report folder with the role of US Sales Director 
D. Share the dashboard with the public group US Sales Reps and share the dashboard source reports folder with the US Sales Director profile 

Question # 7

UVC uses a custom object to track site visits, When the status of a site visit is changed from "in process " to "On hold " the business wants the site visit owner to be automatically assigned to an "On hold " Queue. Which capability can be used to accomplish this? 

A. Assignment rule 
B. Action 
C. Visual workflow 
D. Apex Trigger 

Question # 8

An app builder needs to change the data types of a few custom fields. The app builder is not able to delete and recreate any of the fields, nor modify any apex code. Which data typethe change will require the app builder to perform additional steps in order to retain existing functionality?

A. Changing the data type of a field used in a report from text to an encrypted field 
B. In the lead conversion from number to text 
C. In an apex class from number to text 
D. As an external ID from number to text 

Question # 9

To synchronize accounts, orders, and shipments in real-time, a developer has built a custom interface between an external system and salesforce. Prior to deployment, the developer needs to confirm that the interface can sustain the syncing of thousands of records at a time. Which sandbox environment is recommended to complete performance and load testing?

A. Full sandbox 
B. Partial sandbox 
C. Developer sandbox 
D. Developer pro sandbox 

Question # 10

Which of the following can be a source of the report chart placed in page layout? (Choose 2)

A. Summary 
B. Joined 
C. Tabular 
D. Matrix 

Question # 11

A manager wants to calculate the number of days an account has been last contacted through mail. Which field should be used to achieve this?

A. Number Field 
B. Formula Field 
C. Date Field 
D. Rollup Summary Field 

Question # 12

Universal con needs a field on the account to track how many opportunities closing within the next 30 days. What can be used?

A. Workflow rule 
B. Roll-up summary field 
C. Process builder 
D. Apex code 

Question # 13

An App Builder wants to deploy a new version of an auto launched flow to production in an active state so that the new functionality Is immediately available to usersWhat should the App Builder take Into consideration when planning the deployment?

A. Verify there is an Apex test that provides test coverage for the Flow. 
B. Grant user access to the Flow. 
C. Manually activate the Flow after deployment 
D. Include the Process Builder calling the Flow In the deployment 

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