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Salesforce Revenue-Cloud-Consultant-Accredited-Professional Exam Dumps

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional(WI24)
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Exam Code Revenue-Cloud-Consultant-Accredited-Professional
Exam Name Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional(WI24)
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Salesforce Revenue-Cloud-Consultant-Accredited-Professional Sample Questions

Question # 1

A Revenue Cloud customer has posted an invoice and now wants to add on more items from another order associated to that account. Without using invoice batches, how can this be accomplished? 

A. Credit the invoice, add the new order and run an invoice scheduler to pick all the orders up. 
B. use bill now on the new order and reparent the new invoice lines to the existing invoice 
C. Cancel and Rebill the invoice,add the new Order and run an invoice scheduler to pick all the order up. 
D. Use bill now on the new Order and consolidate the invoices 

Question # 2

During user acceptance testing (UAT) a tester submitsan incident because the invoicetotal did not match the expected results. Which 3 types of information should be includedin the description of the incident and a quick resolution?

 A. description of new requirements that will help fix the issue 
B. quote number ordernumber or invoice number 
C. expected resolution date
D. steps to replace issue 
E. Expected results 

Question # 3

Universal containers recently migrated legacy contracts and subscriptions into salesforce in order to facilitateamendments and renewals in CPQ.however ,sales user sare getting the ‘attempt to de-reference a null object’ error when amending the legacy contract.what is the most likely cause for the error?

A. Migrated contracts and subscriptions cannot be amended using salesforce CPQ 
B. Amendment of legacy contract and subscription data requires asset-based renewalmethod 
C. Required fields are missing or incorrectly populated on the legacy contract andsubscription data 
D. Legacy subscription data are missing a lookup to a source quote line record 

Question # 4

Universal Containers sell a product bundle named “Corporate IT Solutions”. One of theproduct options inside this bundle is named Hardware Firewall Universal Containers has arequirement where if the customer has purchased a hardware firewall in the past, thehardware firewall product option should be hidden while configuring the bundle. TheCPQ admin has created a product rule to handle this requirement. What should theevaluation event of the product rule be set to? 

A. Always 
B. Save 
C. Load and Edit 
D. Load.

Question # 5

Universal containers has threeproduct families-hardware, software and services,their salesreps want to be able to view the net totals of various product families at the order to support this,the CPQ admin has created3 price rules that use summaryvariables to add the net total for quote lines that belong toa particular product family andintend topopulate the sums to custom fields on the quote record.from a performancestandpoint,which of the following is true? 

A. it would be better to create separate quotes for each of the product families 
B. it would be better to use a single price rule with 3 price actions 
C. it would be better to create separate quote line groups for each of the product families and then use quote line groupauto-summary functionality 
D. the current solution with3separate price rules is the most optimal solution 

Question # 6

What Planning Strategies Should be taken to Make User AcceptanceTesting(UAT) efficient?(Choose 3 options) 

A. Execute all tests on behalf of the customer 
B. Define and agree on acceptance criteria with customer 
C. Issue change orders for all incidents that arise during testing 
D. Train UAT testers on the new functionality 
E. Finalize test plans before the build Phase completes 

Question # 7

What does the ‘safe harbor’ slide at the beginning of every salesforce presentationmeans? 

A. roadmap capability will be released exactly as they are demonstrated
B. new release capabilities will not have impact to existing implementations
 C. anything presented from salesforce must be kept confidentialmergers and acquisitions integrations are immediate 
D. You and or your customer aremaking scoping,design,planning,purchasing making decisions based on current and available capabilities 

Question # 8

What is the most Scalable way to set the legal Entityon the Order Product and OrderProduct Consumption Schedule? 

A. Use a WorkFlow 
B. Use a Custom Setting 
C. Use a Quote Calculator Plugin(QCP) 
D. Use a Flow that is triggered when the record is created and run before the record issaved. 

Question # 9

You are implementing the Design Document for a large Enterprise Revenue Cloudprojecthaving multiple lookup price rules supporting a complex pricing requirement in the Buildphase. During construction the customer discovers additional logic and external datastores that need to be incorporated in order to achieve the correct pricing in a particular setof use cases. You estimate the lookup price rules will need to be modified, additional ruleswill need to be created and API development will beneeded. As an Implementationconsultant what is the appropriate course of action that should take in this predicament? 

A. Communication to the customer ongoing adjustment can be made as long as we're in the build phase. 
B. Implement the lookup price rules immediately then review with the solution Architect. 
C. Communicate these changes to the project manager who will evaluate the impact to scope, timeline and budget them determine the next course of action 
D. Consult with the solution Architect first who will expedite the updates to the design documents, then implement the changes immediately. 
E. Gather more details, if it requires a low level of effort then implement immediately before starting the next sprint, Otherwise Complete on the subsequent sprint. 

Question # 10

A Revenue Cloud User story states “ Sales Users shouldhave the ability to create newquotes with established rate cards and account specific discounts because currentcustomers are entitled to the pricing that was originally negotiated”.In addition to loadingdata to Accounts,contracts,Quotes what other object will need toabsorb legacy data? 

A. Contracted Pricing 
B. Subscription 
C. Order Products 
D. Entitlements 

Question # 11

A Revenue Cloud Project has a requirement where a Product can be either taxable or taxexempt depending on a custom field that holds the industry. what is the appropriatesolution to address this Requirement? 

A. Use Automation to set Tax Treatment Based on the value of the custom field.
 B. Use Automation to set Billing Rule Based on the value of the custom field. 
C. Use Automation to set Tax Rule Based on the value of the custom field. 
D. Use Automation to set Revenue Recognition Rule Based on the value of the custom Field. 

Question # 12

Universal Containers sell a product bundle named “Corporate IT Solutions”. One of the product options inside this bundle is named Hardware Firewall Universal Containers has a requirement where if the customer has purchased a hardware firewall in the past, the hardware firewall product option should be hidden while configuring the bundle. The CPQ admin has created a product rule to handle this requirement. What should the evaluation event of the product rule be set to?

Question # 13

Universal Containers has recently implemented and released CPQ to users in their production environment. After an extensive testing Cycle in a sandboxed environment. One of the automations implemented was to set every new quote created as "primary" at the time of creation in order to save clicks. Users immediately began to report errors when trying to create quotes in the production environment for the first time. What could have caused this issue? Revenue Cloud SP23

A. The User did not execute post-installation scripts upon their first login to CPQ. 
B. The User did not have the proper access to the Opportunity Product object. 
C. The User did not have the proper access to the Quote Line object. 
D. The User did not have the proper access to the Quote Object. 

Question # 14

Universal Containers sell boxes based on size, Price for a specific product is based on theselection of length and width and height, which cpq pricing functionality should be usedhere? 

A. Percent of total 
B. Multi Dimensional Quoting
 C. Discount Schedule 
D. Price Rule with lookup table 

Question # 15

An Invoice Scheduler is set up with Target Date = January 15 and Bill Usage Charges = False. Which setting will generate invoice lines? 

A. Order Products with Next Billing Date equal to or earlier than January 15 
B. Usage Summaries with Next Billing Date equal to or earlier than January 15 
C. Order Products with Next Billing Date equal to or after January 15 
D. Order Products with Next Charge Date equal to or earlier January 15 

Question # 16

Which corrective action should an admin take after noticing an error on a posted invoice? 

A. Cancel and rebill, correct the order, create and post a new invoice.
 B. Change the status from Posted to draft on the invoice, correct the invoicing error and repost it 
C. Delete the invoice record, correct the order, create and Post a new invoice 
D. credit the invoice, correct the order, create and post a new invoice 

Question # 17

Which Revenue Cloud Feature can` be customized to provide an aggregated view of thecurrent goods and services on a contract? 

A. Amendments 
B. Orders 
C. Subscriptions 
D. Renewals
 E. Customer Asset LifeCycle Management(CALM) 

Question # 18

What are three risks when using too many cross object formula fields in aRevenue Cloud Project? 

A. Formula field data is not always availableduring CPQ quote calculation 
B. Formula fields have unlimited access to object manyrelationships away which makesit vulnerable to data changes. 
C. They are computationally Expensive. 
D. They can easily exceed limits if not carefully designed and tested 
E. Formula Fields are editable, after the calculation completes the sales user or process automation can overwrite its value

Question # 19

A Revenue Cloud Consultant Surveys a customer’sSales Cloud implementation anddiscovers Multiple triggers, Workflow and flow Processes applied to the Opportunityobject. what is the most appropriate recommendation tothe customer before designing aRevenue Cloud Solution? 

A. Recommend using a single automation type for best Performance. 
B. Recommend to enable the CPQ Package Setting for “Large Quote Threshold” to an appropriate value in order to prevent future performance issues. 
C. Recommend continued use of multiple automation types where Revenue Cloud capabilities cannot address the business requirements 
D. Recommend the current automations are appropriate, optimize further if necessary. 

Question # 20

Which three are key steps when documenting user stories? 

A. Know which business process the requirement supports to categorize the user story 
B. Identity the actor or personas in this user story 
C. Design the solution while the business process is being defined 
D. Document user acceptance test scripts for the user story. E. Identify the acceptance criteria or result for satisfying the user story. 

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