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Salesforce Contact Center Accredited Professional Exam
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Salesforce Salesforce-Contact-Center Sample Questions

Question # 1

Your scenario involves routing calls based on language spoken. Which feature facilitatesthis?

A. Custom Apex code defining language detection and routing logic.
B. Omni-Channel routing with skill mapping based on agent language proficiency.
C. Phone Numbers configured with specific languages and automatic call routing.
D. Integrated Speech-to-Text (STT) and language identification tools for real-time routing.

Question # 2

The release plan includes automated regression testing. What is the primary benefit of thisapproach?

A. Identifying new functionalities and features introduced during development.
B. Ensuring existing functionalities and integrations continue to function properly afterupdates.
C. Reducing manual testing efforts and streamlining the release process.
D. All of the above, offering comprehensive validation and optimizing release efficiency.

Question # 3

The customer expects high data volumes and complex reporting needs. Which solutionsupports scalability and advanced analysis?

A. Utilize standard Salesforce Reports and Dashboards for basic data visualization.
B. Implement Einstein Analytics for AI-powered insights and predictive analysis.
C. Leverage external data warehouse solutions for data storage and complex queries.
D. Both (b) and (c) combined for data storage, advanced analysis, and visual dataexploration.

Question # 4

Your deployment involves introducing a new agent performance dashboard. Which cutoverrequirement helps ensure user adoption and understanding?

A. Providing comprehensive training on the dashboard features and metrics for agents.
B. Making the dashboard easily accessible and readily available within the agent interface.
C. Customizing the dashboard layout and visualizations to align with agent preferences andneeds.
D. All of the above, contributing to a positive user experience and encouraging agents toleverage the new dashboard.

Question # 5

You need to validate the accuracy of dynamic data merging in email templates. Whichoption provides the best verification method?

A. Sending test emails with sample data sets and manually checking for merge fieldaccuracy.
B. Utilizing pre-configured Salesforce test cases for email merge field functionality.
C. Reviewing email delivery logs and checking for errors or missing data in merged fields.
D. Implementing Apex triggers to validate data integrity before triggering email sendingactions.

Question # 6

Your customer expects high call volume during peak hours. Which solution best ensurescontact center scalability?

A. Implement custom Apex code for routing and case management.
B. Configure multiple queues and leverage Omni-Channel Routing for dynamic agentavailability.
C. Utilize a third-party call center solution integrated with Salesforce.
D. Increase agent resources without considering automation or process optimization.

Question # 7

The desired process of reassigning cases to a higher support tier when SLAtimelines are breached.Ursa Major Solar needs to protect customers' private information, such associal sty numbers, during phone interactions.Which Service Cloud Voice feature should a consultant recommend toaccomplish this?

A. Hierarchical Sharing Settings on Calls
B. Collaboration on Call Recordings
C. Pause/Resume Call Recording

Question # 8

Your scenario involves migrating to a new chat platform integrated with Salesforce. Whichdeployment process best facilitates transition with minimal downtime?

A. Phased deployment migrating agents and customer access in groups to minimizeservice interruption.
B. Parallel deployment running both platforms simultaneously until full migration to the newsystem.
C. Cutover deployment with a temporary system switch during scheduled maintenancetime for minimal disruption.
D. All of the above, depending on the platform integration complexity and desired downtimewindow.

Question # 9

(a) Executing test reports and verifying that they generate as expected with accurate dataand relevant visualizations.

A. Reviewing report builder configurations and data source connections to ensurealignment with defined reporting requirements.
B. Analyzing system logs and report execution history to identify any errors or missing data within generated reports.
C. All of the above, combined for a comprehensive assessment of report availability,accuracy, and functionality within the new system.
D. All of the above, combined for a comprehensive assessment of report availability,accuracy, and functionality within the new system.

Question # 10

You‘re validating data cleansing requirements for case migration. Which step helps identifyand handle duplicate entries?

A. Matching and merging customer records based on email addresses or phone numbersto eliminate duplicates.
B. Utilizing data quality rules and duplicate detection tools to flag potential duplicate caserecords for review and correction.
C. Manually comparing case details and identifying duplicates for removal or mergingbefore data migration.
D. All of the above, depending on the complexity and desired level of automation forduplicate case handling.

Question # 11

You‘re deploying a new SMS channel for customer updates and notifications. Which cutoverrequirement helps prevent message delivery failures and ensure customer reach?

A. Validating customer phone numbers and carrier compatibility before activating the SMSchannel.
B. Configuring clear opt-in and opt-out mechanisms for SMS updates and notifications.
C. Implementing message throttling and rate limiting to prevent overwhelming customerswith SMS alerts.
D. All of the above, contributing to reliable and effective SMS communication withcustomers.

Question # 12

Validating email functionality involves testing delivery and content accuracy. Which toolhelps with email address verification?

A. Salesforce Reports with filters to identify cases with invalid email addresses.
B. Data Loader functionality for bulk email address validation against external databases.
C. Einstein Validation Service for real-time email address verification during data entry.
D. Salesforce Sandbox environment for sending test emails and verifying recipient details.

Question # 13

A client would like to allow verified customers to start a chat on the when wants the verifiedcustomers to be able to continue the conversation an only allow these chats duringbusiness hoursWhich set of functionalities should the consultant research in this case?

A. Messaging for Web and Einstein Bots
B. Web to Chat and Embedded Service
C. Messaging for Web and Embedded Service

Question # 14

The customer requests ongoing support and maintenance after the rollout. Which elementshould be included in the plan?

A. Establishing a support channel for reporting issues and troubleshooting technicalproblems.
B. Providing regular system updates and patches to address bugs and improveperformance.
C. Conducting periodic user training sessions to familiarize users with new features andupdates.

Question # 15

You‘re migrating historical call recordings to Salesforce. Which storage option providessecure and scalable access?

A. File attachments within Salesforce case records.
B. External cloud storage with Salesforce integration.
C. Salesforce Content Management System (CMS) for document and asset management.
D. Salesforce Platform Events or Queues for real-time data streaming and storage.

Question # 16

You need to migrate complex workflows from your legacy system. Which tool facilitatesthis?

A. Process Builder with drag-and-drop interface for designing automated processes withinSalesforce.
B. Flow Builder with visual development environment for building complex automation andlogic flows.
C. Apex code development for custom scripting and advanced workflow logicimplementation.
D. All of the above, depending on the complexity and specific functionalities of themigrating workflows.

Question # 17

While the listed features each serve a purpose, the most suitable choice for Ursa MajorSolar's goal of connecting customers with subject-matter experts (SMEs) for real-time,detailed discussions is Experience Site with integrated Live Agent Chat or Messaging forWeb.A consultant is preparing post-implementation training material for the agents andsupervisors in an environment that uses Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect.Supervisors need to track key performance indicators (KPIs), such as calls answered.average handle time, and average speed to answer.Where should the consultant point supervisors to track these KPIs?

A. Omni Supervisor Console and Amazon Supervisor Dashboard
B. Service Cloud Voice Analytics App and Omni Supervisor Console
C. Service Cloud Voice Analytics App and Amazon Supervisor Dashboard

Question # 18

You need to configure dashboards and reports for KPI visualization. Which platform offersthe most flexibility?

A. Einstein Analytics with customizable dashboards and visual data storytelling capabilities.
B. Salesforce Reporting tools for generating detailed reports and data analysis.
C. Omni-Channel dashboards providing real-time insights into agent activity and queuemetrics.
D. All of the above, depending on the desired level of detail, visual representation, and dataaccess.

Question # 19

You have identified two personas for your Contact Center: experienced agents and newhires. How can future functionality cater to both groups?

A. Develop advanced automation tools for experienced agents and basic training resourcesfor new hires.
B. Design a flexible interface that adapts to different skill levels and learning styles.
C. Implement separate knowledge bases with content tailored to each persona‘sexperience level.
D. Offer personalized dashboards with relevant metrics and performance insights for eachagent.

Question # 20

The best practice that the consultant should observe when configuring case escalationrules is:Create a catch-all Rule Entry at the end of the sort order so that if no other entry is met, acase still gets evaluated.Which routing type does a consultant need to use to facilitate a transfer of an Enhanced Bconversation to a Queue?

A. Queue
B. Omni-Channel Flow
C. Dialog

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