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Salesforce Salesforce-Maps-Professional Exam Dumps

Salesforce Maps Accredited Professional (SP24)
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Salesforce Salesforce-Maps-Professional Sample Questions

Question # 1

An organization requires sales reps utilize Salesforce Maps "Check in" and "Check out". Alot of sales reps have open tasks, they often forget to check out of a task when leaving anappointment. What steps can an admin take to ensure users do not forget to check out of a task using out of the box functionality?

A. Enable Auto Check Out in Permission Groups under Installed Package | Configure |Permission Groups
B. Go to Salesforce reports, create and share a completed task report with users, and addthe report to the users dashboard.
C. Complete the check in settings under Installed Package | Configure | Base objects andmake sure verification distance is configured.
D. Enable "Auto Check Out" for the corresponding Base Object under Installed Package |Configure | Base Objects

Question # 2

A Salesforce Maps implementation partner is meeting with a prospect that already uses alegacy mapping solution for the Sales Team and wants to replace it with Salesforce Maps.What is the best action the implementation partner take?

A. Transform the customer's business processes and capture new requirements toimplement in Salesforce Maps
B. Keep the existing mapping solution and implement new requirements in SalesforceMaps
C. Transform the Salesforce Maps Ul to match the legacy mapping solution' Ul to retainuser adoption
D. Build API's to connect the legacy mapping solution with Salesforce Maps to have oneunified Maps solution

Question # 3

Alpine Energy's internal project team has implemented Salesforce Maps in one of theirsandboxes and is preparing for deployment to production. The team has identified a largenumber of marker layers, shapelayers, and other configurations that need to be migrated.What are the two most important things for a Maps Administrator to consider whenplanning this deployment?

A. The Maps Migration Utility Tool can be used to extract, prepare, and transfer SalesforceMaps data between organizations.
B. Because Salesforce Maps data is stored on many custom objects, it should be recreatedby hand in the destination org.
C. Because Salesforce Maps is an installed package, its data and configurations can bemoved via change sets.
D. Because Salesforce Maps is an installed package, its data and configurations cannot bemoved via change sets.

Question # 4

What are two common reasons why a new account marker layer would display an error for"bad addresses?"

A. The Base Object has not been configured correctly
B. The address on the Account record is invalid
C. The Salesforce record has been deleted
D. The Account Marker Layer's filters need to be adjusted

Question # 5

The Sales team wants to specify days of the week that visits can be scheduled at a certainAccount by Maps Advanced Visit plans. What does an Admin need to set up to meet thisrequirement?

A. Promotional Windows
B. Maximum Shift Length
C. Minimum and Maximum Days Between Visits
D. Visit Windows

Question # 6

The team at Alpine Energy uses Maps Advanced and is planning to do a targeted salescalls in the field for a new product launch. They want to try to maintain standard cadenceswith their customers, but their priority is to visit certain subsets of customers at least onetime in conjunction with their marketing campaign. What should they do?

A. Create a new visit plan with adjusted frequencies for the targeted sales calls.
B. Update frequencies for the targeted stores and use the existing visit plan.
C. Manually plan the targeted stores and let Maps Advanced fill in the rest of the calendar
D. Leverage Promotional Windows to prioritize visits to the subset of the targetedcustomers.

Question # 7

The marketing team would like to determine the best location for an upcoming customerevent and add customers to a marketing campaign. How can Salesforce Maps helpmarketing teams with this initiative?

A. Set up Nearby Maps for contacts. view nearby contacts and use the map view to addthem to a campaign
B. Plot accounts and opportunities on the map Select a specific location based on mostpopulated area. Create a shape around the selected area and use mass actions to addaccounts and opportunities to an already created campaign
C. View accounts, leads and contacts on the map Select a specific location based on mostpopulated area. From the campaign in Salesforce. manually add all leads and contacts.
D. Plot leads and contacts on the map Select a specific location based on most populatedarea. Create a shape around the selected area and use mass actions to add leads and/orcontacts to an existing campaign.

Question # 8

A Sales Manager is meeting with an enterprise customer that wants to implementSalesforce Maps with Territory Planning. In addition to Account data stored in Salesforce,the customer has legacy attribute data stored externally that relates tospecific Accounts. Which three options does the customer have to create this Data Set?

A. SOQL Queries
B. External XML
C. Salesforce Reports
D. Salesforce Dashboards
E. External CSV

Question # 9

Which two permissions must be assigned to the Permission Group the user belongs towhen a user needs the ability to create a Custom Data Layer from a CSV file?

A. Folder Administrator
B. Allow Marker Exports
C. Manage Data Sources
D. Manage Data Layers

Question # 10

When using the Maps application in mobile, the Take Me There option always launchesGoogle Maps to navigate to selected locations. How would the user switch the default GPSapplication to Waze?

A. The setting must be changed in the base object configuration of Maps.
B. The Advanced Settings in the mobile application contains a setting to change thisbehavior.
C. This must be changed in the settings of the mobile device.
D. This can be changed in the Maps permission group configuration.

Question # 11

Alpine Energy's admin made a few changes to the active Live Daily Summary configurationand would like to apply the changes to historical summary information For how many daysin the past can the admin re-generate Daily Summaries?

A. 60 days
B. 120 days
C. 30 days
D. 90 days

Question # 12

From which device(s) can a user create and edit a Route or Schedule?

A. Desktop Only
B. Both Desktop and Mobile Devices
C. Routes on Mobile only and Schedule on Desktop only
D. Mobile Device Only

Question # 13

Alpine Energy wants to make sure their reps are only focusing on marketing qualified leadsin the field. How can this be achieved in Maps Advanced?

A. Create a data set with filtering to include Marketing Qualified Leads
B. Set visit frequency for all nonqualified leads to zero.
C. Add a shared visit window without available visitation hours for nonqualified leads.
D. Have reps remove stops that are not qualified and rerun optimization

Question # 14

When deploying a Salesforce Maps solution, what are three considerations an adminshould take?

A. Train users before they go into the production org
B. Execute user acceptance testing in the production org once the deployment iscompleted
C. Make sure permission sets for users and profiles are maintained and migrated
D. Get provisions of all the appropriate licenses
E. Train users after they go into the production org

Question # 15

An account executive from Alpine Energy is covering a large territory using SalesforceMaps. There have been constant address changes to their accounts in the past whichrequired them to manually clear the coordinates so that Maps will generate new latitudeand longitude values. How can this process be automated?

A. Configure Auto Assignment rules to automatically assign new coordinates when anaddress changes
B. After plotting a Marker Layer, click the "Use Suggested Address" button to update thelatitude and longitude values.
C. Utilize a Salesforce automation tool to automatically clear a record's latitude andlongitude values when the address is changed
D. Utilize the "auto update address" feature in Salesforce Maps

Question # 16

The Salesforce* Maps admin for the company has been tasked with creating layers for thesales team. The admin navigates to the Layers tab in Salesforce Maps and selects theNew button to begin creating a layer. All of the options are greyed out. How can the adminresolve this issue?

A. Enable the "Create Layers' permission within her assigned permission group.
B. Contact Salesforce support to enable the "Create Layers" permission
C. Select either the Personal or Corporate folder before attempting to create a layer.
D. Create the layer in the Maps configuration menu

Question # 17

During an optimization, the limit areas by attribute option was used. After the optimization,leftover units were unassigned and no longer appear on the map. How can the uservisualize the leftover units?

A. The user must open the alignment using the "Include Unassigned Units" option
B. A new alignment must be created in order to visualize these units
C. A new data set must be created in order to view these units.
D. Add the territory to which the leftover units were assigned to the focus

Question # 18

A Sales Vice President is sponsoring a Salesforce Maps implementation project for hissales teams, what is a best practice the VP should take to ensure a successful rollout to histeam?

A. Start with writing new Business Processes
B. Create Permission Set License Assignments
C. Define Account sharing strategies
D. Create a communication plan

Question # 19

After a fresh Salesforce Maps installation in the client's org, the users are not able to plot more than 5000 records on Desktop using their Account based marker layers. Which two options could be the cause of this behavior?   

A.    The client is using a Professional edition Org which limits the number of records that can be ^ processed using API
B.    The user license needs to be upgraded to Maps Advanced in order to see more than 5000 records   
C.    Users are assigned to the Default Maps Permission group that has the Max Query Size defined to D 5000   
D.     The filter conditions of the marker layer are limiting the number of records returned   

Question # 20

Which two ways can an administrator assign users to a Maps Advanced Visit Plan? 

A.    Assign by Role   
B.    Assign by Profile   
C.    Assign individual Users   
D.    Assign by Public Group   

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