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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (WI24)
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Exam Code User-Experience-Designer
Exam Name Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (WI24)
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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud kicks wants to hire a deal closer.Which three activities would someone in this role do each day?Choose 3 answers

A. Update existing prospect and customer records.
B. Log activities such as calls, emails, and notes.
C. Review and work through their list of leads or opportunities.
D. Create cases from issues.
E. Customize and administer Salesforce.

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks (UC) has begun a new project to update its Experience Cloud site. CK knowthe interface needs improvement and wants its Designer to conduct an independent auditof its current website.Which activity should the designer perform?

A. Card Sorting
B. Task Analysis
C. Prototype testing
D. Expert Review

Question # 3

A UX Designer has created two different user interface designs for a new marketinglanding expected to have several visitors. The landing page has a contact from on it, andthe designer wants to know which design products the most from completions.Which testing method should be used?

A. Card Sorting
B. User Acceptance testing
C. Diary Studies
D. A/B testing

Question # 4

The UXDesigner at Cloud Kicks is considering using a custom Lightning component to fulfilla specific business requirement.Which two best practices should be considered?Choose 2 answers

A. Prioritize Aura markup even if there is a Lightning Web Component (LWC)available.
B. Find the dosest Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) Blueprint to help inform thecustom Lightning component.
C. Create HTML markup and link the SLDS stylesheet via static Resource.
D. Exhaust the list of available base Lightning component in the component Library.

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks needs functional components that will be used on many pages. Thecomponents need to be consistent with the look and feel of Lightning Experience.What does the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) provide that will ensureconsistency?

A. Experience Lightning Components
B. Component Blueprints
C. JavaScript Frameworks
D. Custom Lightning components

Question # 6

A Ux designer has been asked to improve salesforce adoption among salesrepresentatives at cloud kicks after conducting stakeholder and user interviews thedesigners finds there is no clear consistent sale processWhat should the designer do next

A. Tell the customer they need to improve operations before anywork can be done
B. lock the findings and move forward with presenting possible solutions
C. recommend field level validation to ensure users are entering the correct data
D. conduct aworkshop with stakeholders to align on correct state and build consenses

Question # 7

A UX designer wants toquickly mock up salesforce user interface experiences using acollection of prebuilt components. The designers needed salesforce lighting designsystems(SLDS) resources for their designs and prototypes such as base componentstokens and designs patternsWhich tool or installation should best support their needs?

A. Lighting design systems zip
B. sketch plugin
C. lighting design systems unmanaged package
D. SLDS validator

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks’s development team is working on the build of a new custom component usingVS Code. They often have new CSS dasses and properties conflicting with the SalesforceLightning Design System (SLDS).What should simplify working with SLDS in Lightning Components?

A. Salesforce Developer Console should be used instead
B. SLDS Validator extension for VS Code
C. Install SLDS creator from AppExchange
D. Keep the SLDSStylesheet open for reference

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks marketing development representatives need to process incoming leads.Understanding the typical lead to opportunity is essential to the design.Which three new records would typically be created when they convert a lead?Choose 3 answers

A. Contact
B. Activity
C. Converted Lead
D. Account
E. Opportunity

Question # 10

A UX designer want to understand the mental model of employees who have requested a new internal community the brief specifies what the employees should beable to do on thesite but the designer need to suggest and suitable architectureWhich technique should be used

A. User test
B. cognitive walkthrough
C. tree testing
D. card sorting

Question # 11

During user interviews, a UX Designer discovers that the most common daily task for usersis to lookfor and view commonly used reports using the global search bar.What should be done to improve their experience?

A. Make the global search bar bigger on every page.
B. Update the Home page with access to commonly used reports.
C. Add the Daily Task component to the Home page.
D. Create a mood board to communicate the visual style of the UI.

Question # 12

A sales representative wants to personalize their own user experience.Which two recommendations should be made to provide more intuitive access regularlyused content?Choose 2 answers

A. Personalize the Navigation bar.
B. Set up Quick Links in the Utility bar.
C. Customize the Home page experience.
D. Create shortcuts Favorites.

Question # 13

A Development team is not valuing the results of a usability testing session.How should acceptance of the results be increased?

A. Include links to best practice artides for each finding.
B. Invite team members to observe usability sessions.
C. The Development team can perform script testing.
D. Create a new prototype to demonstrate improvement.

Question # 14

A Development team is not valuing the results of a usability testing session.How should acceptance of the results be increased?

A. Include links to best practice artides for each finding.
B. Invite team members to observe usability sessions.
C. The Development team can perform script testing.
D. Create a new prototype to demonstrate improvement.

Question # 15

Which criteria should the designer consider when selecting users for testing?

A. Traits dissimilar to customer personas
B. Traitssimilar to friends and family
C. Traits similar to customer personas
D. traits of the most common demographic and ability

Question # 16

A UX Designer is going to create a custom app for a new team of service agents.Which threeparts of the user interface could be customized?Choose 3 answers

A. Tabs within the apps’s navigation bar
B. Relationship between standard objects
C. Page layouts of the records
D. Details to be shown in the records highlights panels
E. Opportunity leadscoring

Question # 17

Which twoconsideration should be made when conducting a Consequence Scanningworkshop?Choose 2 answers

A. Consider design ramifications to prevent misuse and protect communities.
B. Prioritize marketing opportunities when designing features of a product.
C. Bringtogether a cross-function group with varied experiences.
D. Examine a product for potential inclusivity after it has been built

Question # 18

A UX Designer is creating a customer support site in ExperienceBuilder that will beinternationalized across 12 different countries.Which two design considerations should be made when planning for this site?

A. Countries may read text in a different (right to left vs. left to right) and layouts will be tobe adjusted.
B. Country flags used as links to adjust languages provide an ideal way to switch betweenlocales or languages for users.
C. Colors may have different contrast rations in some countries and need adjust contrastfor proper visibility by users.
D. Colors may have different culture meanings in different countries, changing the intent ofUI elements.

Question # 19

A UX Designer at Cloud Kicks (CK) recommends a Salesforce Console application for CK’sservice representatives.The service representatives work on multiple support cases hour, accessing them viaqueues, calls, or livechat.Which console navigation feature would NOT be relevant to the designer recommendation?

A. More than one detail item can be open at a time.
B. Multiple subtabs can be beneath a single parent record.
C. A split list of records and individual record detail can see on the same screen.
D. Service representatives with lower resolution monitors will have a better userexperience.

Question # 20

A UX designer is creating acustomer support site in experience builder that willinternationalized across the 12 different countriesWhich two designs considerations should be made when planning for the site

A. Country may read text is a different direction (right to left) vs (left to right) and layoutswill need to be adjusted
B. Country flags used as links to adjust languages provide an ideal way to switch betweenlocals or languages for users
C. colors may have different contrast ratios in some countries and need adjustedcontrastfor proper visibility by users
D. colors may have different cultural meanings in different countries, changing the intent ofUI elements

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