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SAP C_ARSUM_19Q4 Exam Dumps

SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Supplier Management
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Exam Code C_ARSUM_19Q4
Exam Name SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Supplier Management
Questions 79 Questions Answers With Explanation
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SAP C_ARSUM_19Q4 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which group assignment is required for mass supplier upload when you use the SM Administration area?

A. Site Manager
B. SM OpsAdmin
C. SM ERP Admin
D. Supplier Registration Manager

Question # 2

SAP Ariba uses expanded forms for province names andlanguages, whereas SAP ERP uses custom codes. You need to maintain a mapping between the names in SAP Ariba  solutions and the corresponding values in SAP ERP. A typical entry in /ARBA/VALUE_MAP contains the following values:

A. Integration Field
B. Internal Value (SAP)
C. External Value (Ariba)
D. Country
E. All of above

Question # 3

Create a new Client Identity in the Trust Manager.  Go to Environment > SSL Client Identities.

A. Enter ARIBA as the identity name and Ariba Network Client as the description.
B. Save the entries.
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 4

Import the root certificate into the SAP Business Site system by using Trust Manager asfollows:

A. Double-click the SSL Client Identity ARIBA that you have created.
B. Navigate to the Certificate group box and choose Import certificate. Click Add to Certificate List to add the imported certificate to the certificate list
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 5

What SAP Ariba team is responsible for providing the preferred Ariba Network ID (ANID. to a supplier that is matched with an account managed segmentation?

A. Supplier Program Coordinator (SPC.
B. Strategic Supplier Account Manager (SSAM)
C. Network Deployment Lead (NDL)
D. Supplier Onboarding Agent (SOA.

Question # 6

Which of the following are subconditions?

A. Any Are True
B. Is Not Equal To
C. All Are True
D. Is Equal To

Question # 7

A supplier can fulfill all line items and quantities on PO5432, but only half will be available to deliver by the need-by date, creating a backorder.

A. Confirm entire order, create a partial invoice
B. Update line items, create a partial invoice
C. Update line items, wait for a change PO from the customer
D. Accept line items, wait for a change PO from the customer

Question # 8

Your customer needs to evaluate supplier performance. Which items are required to collect thesupplier's performance data?  Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. The prepackaged supplier details report
B. Some scorecards
C. At least one KPI
D. A full sourcing project

Question # 9

Set up one of the following connectivity models between SAP ERP and SAP AribaSupplier Information and Performance Management (classic architecture).:

A. Direct Connectivity. To set up direct connectivity, use the SOAMANAGER transaction. For more information see the Configuring direct connectivity section.
B. Mediated Connectivity. For more information, see Configuring mediated connectivity
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 10

The following structures have been modified to include the Generic Custom Field element and the generic Custom Field List CompleteTransmission Indicator attribute:

A. BPSUITERplctReqSuplr for supplier information.
B. BPSUITERplctReqBkDets for bank details.
C. BPSUITERplctReqAcctgInfo for accounting information.
D. BPSUITERplctReqBP for business partner information.
E. All of above

Question # 11

Some of these integrations between SAP ERP and SAP Ariba applications also include data and process flows through Ariba Network using the Ariba Network adapter for SAP NetWeaver for SAP Ariba Start Sourcing. SAP Ariba supports the following  integrations:

A. Quote Request (Request for quotations) Quote Message (SAP Ariba Sourcing Awards)
B. Contract Request and Contract Response (Ariba Contract Management)
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 12

Except for the URL access path, the configuration remains the same as that for /ARBA/  CO_POLLING_CLIENT_REQRES.

A. For CO_MDG_BP_RPLCTRQ, the URL access path is /SM/soap/BP Integration Service In.
B. For CO_MDG_BP_RPLCTCO, the URL access path is /SM/soap/BP Integration Service In Conf.
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 13

The material master data export event now sends the following additional files from  SAP ERP to SAP Ariba Sourcing:

A. ItemMasterAML.csv
B. ItemMasterAMLDescriptionLang.csv
C. ItemMasterAML_delete.csv
D. ItemMasterAMLDescriptionLang_delete.csv
E. All of above

Question # 14

Define Integrated Configuration and configure the following settings.

A. Set the Communication Component to the SAP ERP business system.
B. Set one of thefollowing values for the sender interface:
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 15

Your customer wants to prohibit the acceptance of an invoice exception for received quantity variance.  Where do you manage the setting?

A. Receiving type by part number
B. Parameters
C. Invoice exception types
D. Receiving type by commodity

Question # 16

The Errors.CSV file contains the following fields:

A. Login ID
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 17

You can specify one of the following options to maintain the directory path for the master data and transaction data:

A. Specify the directory path in the Parent Directory field each time while running theexport task OR
B. Specify a static directory on your SAP ERP system. For more information, see How to assign specific directories on your operating system while using the direct connectivity integration method or SAP Ariba integration toolkit
C. Point oneand two
D. None of above

Question # 18

The following table provides a brief history of the updates to this guide. SAP Ariba updates the technical documentation for its cloud solutions if ?

A. software changes delivered in service packs or hot fixes require a documentation update to correctly reflect the new or changed functionality;
B. the existing content is incorrect or user feedback indicated that important content is missing.
C. Point one and two
D. None of above

Question # 19

To customize master data export, you can modify the following methods in the /ARBA/MASTER_DATA BAdI:

E. All of above

Question # 20

In the Target URL field, specify the URL of your SAP Ariba Supplier Management solutions site. For Example:

A. http://<SAP Ariba Supplier Management solutions system URL>/SM/soap/ Polling Service for inbound integration.
B. http://<SAP Ariba Supplier Management solutions system URL>/SM/soap/ BP Integration Service In for outbound integration.
C. http://<SAP Ariba Supplier Management solutions system URL>/SM/soap/ BP Integration Service In Conf for confirmation out.
D. All of above

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