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SAP C_FIORDEV_21 Exam Dumps

SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer
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Exam Code C_FIORDEV_21
Exam Name SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer
Questions 197 Questions Answers With Explanation
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SAP C_FIORDEV_21 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You are an administrator for your S/4HANA 1809 landscape. You want to disablepersonalization and themes on the SAP Fiori Launchpad for select users in one client. Howcan you do this?

A. Create a new catalog referencing /U12/CONFIG_CUS_CONF and assign it to the usersby a PFCG role 
B. Create a new catalog referencing /U12/CONFIG_PERS_OFF and assign it to the usersby a PFCG role 
C. Create a new catalog referencing /U12/CONFIG_PERS_ON, adjusting the relevantparameter in the target mapping, and assign it to the users by a PFCG role, 

Question # 2

Your customer requires an app to display flight information on a mobile device. Please seethe screenshot for details. Which options can you use to display the same data in areadable format on a mobile device? (2 answers)

A. column: <Column demandPopin-'true" minScreenWidth-'tablef popinDisplay-'lnline"> 
B. column: <Column demandPopin-'true" maxScreenWidth-'mobile" popinDisplay="lnline"> 
C. column : <Column demandPopin-'true" minScreenWidth="tablet"> 
D. column: <Column:demandPopin="true" maxScreenWidth="mobile">

Question # 3

For which operations will the SAP Gateway server compute and return a new ETag in aresponse header? (2 answers)


Question # 4

An administrator wants to configure the SAP Fiori Launchpad for all users in one client foryour S/4HANA 1809 landscape. Which of the following options represents the best way forthe administrator to do this?

A. Create a target mapping in a catalog and assign the catalog to all users using roles 
B. Define settings using transaction /UI5/FLP_CUS_CONF. 
C. Use the configuration file to define URL parameters to enable/disable features whenstarting the SAP Fiori Launchpad 
D. Define settings using transaction /UI5/FLP SYS_CONF 

Question # 5

Which UI annotation is used to declare a field for the smart filter template?

A. UI.finderField 
B. UI.filterField 
C. UI.selectionField 
D. UI.searchField 

Question # 6

Why do you use the Cordova and SAP Kapsel plug-ins when using the SAP Web IDE, SAPHAT add-on? (2 answers)

A. To integrate device APIs 
B. To use offline OData 
C. To enable multiple SAPUI5 apps 
D. To use X.509 client certificates 

Question # 7

What types of extensions/replacements are supported by SAPUI5?

A. View modification 
B. Implement UI Controller Hooks 
C. View replacement 
D. Manifest.json replacement 
E. Replace service 
F. Component replacement 

Question # 8

How can a Tenderer access the associated elements?

A. The developer must define a property method in the control metadata and declare the access control. 
B. The developer must implement an appropriate function to access the elements. 
C. SAPUI5 provides functions to access all properties, associations, and aggregations. 

Question # 9

You are modeling a new role for your SAP Fiori Launchpad users. Which of the followingsteps is an optional configuration step?

A. Create Tiles and Target Mappings o Create Catalog 
B. Create Group and Assign Tile 
C. Activate Windows Go to Settings 
D. Assign Catalog to Role 

Question # 10

Which SAP Fiori application is launched by using the search functionality instead of using atile?

A. Factsheet 
B. Analytical 
C. Transactional 
D. Legacy 

Question # 11

From which control does the sap.m.App control inherit navigation capabilities?

A. sap.m.NavContainer 
B. sap.ui.core.NavContainer 
C. sap.m.NavigationContainer 

Question # 12

What is the result of a GIT Clean?

A. Undoes a committed snapshot. 
B. Reverts back to the previous state of the project. 
C. Removes all untracked files from the working directory. 

Question # 13

In the code on the screenshot, what is the absolute path of the property to retrieve the Cityvalue for the company Acme Inc?

A. /regions/0/companies/O/city 
B. /regions/companies/O/city 
C. /regions/1/companies/1/city 
D. /regions/companies/1/city 

Question # 14

What method is called inside the library.js file?

A. sap.ui.getCore().runl_ibrary 
B. sap.ui.getCore().loadLibrary 
C. sap.ui.getCore().register-Library 
D. sap.ui.getCore().initLibrary 

Question # 15

Which SAP Fiori application can you launch using the search function instead of a tile?

A. Transactional 
B. Analytical 
C. FactSheet 
D. Legacy 

Question # 16

You develop an SAPUI5 app that updates data on the SAP back-end system. Whatactivities are required when you implement an XSRF token? (2 answers)

A. Include the token in the HTTP request body of each write request 
B. Execute the Refresh method for an expired token 
C. Retrieve the token and send it with each service request 
D. Generate a token on each read and write request 

Question # 17

What is the result of a GIT Revert?

A. Undoes a committed snapshot. 
B. Reverts back to the previous state of the project. 
C. Removes all untracked files from the working directory. 

Question # 18

In a standard SAPUI5 project, which file is the Application Descriptor that contains themetadata description of the application?

A. Index.html 
B. Neo-app.json 
C. Manifest.json 
D. Components 

Question # 19

Which function must be called inside a control Tenderer to add the control ID to the DOMtree and support eventing?

A. writeClasses 
B. write 
C. writeControlData 
D. writelcon 

Question # 20

When do you select the custom plugins to build and package a hybrid app using the SAPHAT?

A. During the Build the Hybrid Companion App step of installing the SAP HAT 
B. During the Configure Path for Custom Plugins step of installing the SAP HAT 
C. While configuring the app properties on the Hybrid App Configuration tab of the WebIDE Plugin 
D. While creating a new project using the Hybrid Mobile Enablement feature 

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