Scrum SAFe-Agilist dumps

Scrum SAFe-Agilist Exam Dumps

SAFe Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA)(5.1.1)
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Exam Code SAFe-Agilist
Exam Name SAFe Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA)(5.1.1)
Questions 45 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date February 22,2024
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Scrum SAFe-Agilist Sample Questions

Question # 1

A customer journey map illustrates the experience as a user engages with a company’s ____________ Value Stream, products, and services 

A. Operational 
B. Highest Priority 
C. Development 
D. Customer 

Question # 2

How many are the roles at the Agile Release Train? 

A. four 
B. five 
C. three 
D. ten 

Question # 3

The Team and Technical Agility competency describe the critical skills and ____________ principles and practices that highperforming Agile teams and Teams of Agile teams used to create high-quality solutions for their customers.

A. Lean-Agile 
B. DevOps 
D. Extreme Programming

Question # 4

Which design thinking tool helps teams imagine what a specific persona is thinking, feeling, hearing, and seeing as they use the product? 

A. story map 
B. customer journey map 
C. Empathy Map 
D. story board 

Question # 5

Which of the below are not part of the CALMR approach to DevOps? 

A. Large batches 
B. Culture
C. Measurement 
D. Automation 

Question # 6

Which of the following are part of Agile Release Train ART Sync? (Choose Two) Multiple Selection 

A. Architectural Sync 
B. Scrum of Scrums 
C. PO Sync 
D. Product Management Sync 

Question # 7

Which of the below are key to leading successful change? (Choose Three) Multiple Selection 

A. stay within the comfort zone 
B. establish a sense of urgency 
C. develop the vision and strategy 
D. generate short-term wins 

Question # 8

Which of the following is not a value of the Agile Manifesto?

A. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools 
B. Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation 
C. Responding to Change over Following a Plan 
D. Contract Negotiation over Customer Collaboration 

Question # 9

Small batch sizes enable _______ feedback with lower transaction costs. 

A. faster 
B. slower 
C. less detailed 
D. more detailed 

Question # 10

Which of the following are roles on Agile Release Train? (Choose Two) Multiple Selection 

A. Release Train Engineer 
B. Chief Scrum Master 
C. System Team
D. Business Owners 

Question # 11

Which of the below is not part of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline? 

A. Continuous Exploration 
B. Continuous Integration 
C. Continuous Deployment 
D. Continuous Testing 

Question # 12

According to the Agile Manifesto, the highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of ____________ software.

A. valuable 
B. working 
C. optimal 
D. cheap 

Question # 13

In the context of whole product thinking, which product is often considered the “minimal offering” of a product? 

A. augmented product 
B. potential product 
C. expected product 
D. generic product 

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