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VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam Dumps

Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X
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Exam Code 2V0-62.21
Exam Name Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X
Questions 94 Questions Answers With Explanation
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VMware 2V0-62.21 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which three Workspace ONE Edge Services are included in Unified Access Gateway? (Choose three.)

A. AirWatch Cloud Connector
B. Content Gateway
C. Secure Email Gateway
D. Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector
E. VMware Tunnel 

Question # 2

Which Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) configuration item is a pre-requisite to creating a third party identity provider in Workspace ONE Access?

A. SAML AuthN Request
B. SAML Metadata
C. SAML Assertion
D. SAML AuthN Context

Question # 3

An administrator noticed after syncing sAMAccountName as EnrollmentUser and syncing in an administrator group, that users are unable to log in with sAMAccountName.What could be the cause of the issue?

A. Admins need to apply <domain>\fullName as their username.
B. Admins need to apply <domain>\sAMAccountName as their username.
C. Admins need to have the role admin to be allowed to log in.
D. Admins need to sign in with their UPN as their username. 

Question # 4

A customer has a Workspace ONE SAAS environment. None of the administrators are able to log in to the console using their Active Directory (AD) credentials. They are able to log in using a basic administrator account provided to them when they deployed Workspace ONE.What could be cause for this issue?

A. AirWatch Connector is not running.
B. Workspace ONE Enterprise Integration Services is not running.
C. Workspace ONE Access connector is not running.
D. Device Services is not running. 

Question # 5

During an enrollment attempt, a user enters their email address in the initial field in the Intelligent Hub. The user receives an error stating, “Something went wrong with discovery”.Which configuration setting can be enabled to allow end users to enter an email address instead of a Server URL? 

A. Autodiscovery Enrollment
B. Pre-Register devices
C. Allow only known users
D. Enrollment Token

Question # 6

An administrator wants to leverage the Workspace ONE Web application to allow end-user credentials to be passed to specific internal sites.Which security policy in Workspace ONE UEM must be configured?

A. Offline Access
B. Single Sign-On
C. Network Access Control
D. Integrated Authentication

Question # 7

Which of the following is a prerequisite to deploy VMware Unified Access Gateway OVF?

A. VMware vSphere
B. VMware Workstation
C. VMware Fusion
D. VMware Horizon 

Question # 8

Where is Hub Services component co-located?

A. Workspace ONE Intelligence
B. Workspace ONE Access
C. Workspace ONE Airlift
D. Workspace ONE UEM 

Question # 9

What is the purpose of the Workspace ONE UEM Security Pin?

A. Serves as a second layer of security for administrators while preventing inadvertent commands.  
B. Provides a second factor of authentication for administrators during console login.
C. Provides multi-factor authentication for users during device enrollment.
D. Serves as a second layer of security for end users while preventing inadvertent commands. 

Question # 10

An administrator is preparing to setup email management for Office 365 in UEM.Which is VMware’s recommended email deployment model for this scenario?

B. Proxy
C. Indirect
D. Direct

Question # 11

What product from Workspace ONE needs to be enabled to provide administrators a flexible method for alerting and informing end-users? 

A. AirWatch Cloud Connector
B. Workspace ONE Intelligence
C. Workspace ONE Hub Services
D. VMware Tunnel 

Question # 12

A customer intends to implement Android device management in their environment.Which three enrollment options would result in an end-user experience in which a dedicated container is created on the device for only business applications and contents? (Choose three.)

A. Knox Container
B. Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
C. Work Managed Device
D. Legacy enrolled
E. Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE)
F. Work Profile 

Question # 13

When configuring a Certificate Authority in Workspace ONE, which three protocols are supported? (Choose three.)


Question # 14

Which of the following authentication methods is needed to be enabled/configured for an administrator to leverage Day Zero Onboarding? 

A. Token Auth Adapter
B. Workspace ONE UEM External Access Token
C. FID02
D. Certificate-based authentication
E. Verify (Intelligent Hub) 

Question # 15

When using Workspace ONE 20.x and higher, which three ways can an administrator using UEM automatically move devices into specified organization groups? (Choose three.)

A. user group mappings
B. device type mappings
C. location based mappings
D. IP-based mappings
E. device ownership mappings 

Question # 16

An organization has purchased a SaaS Workspace ONE solution and wants to implement these:integration with back-end resources like Active Directory from Microsoft to sync users and groupsKerberos authenticationintegration with Virtual Desktops and Applications from services (Horizon 7, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix)third party integration with RSA SecureID, RADIUS for authenticationWhich Workspace ONE component is required?

A. VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector
B. VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector
C. VMware Workspace ONE Assist
D. VMware Workspace Unified Access Gateway 

Question # 17

Which is used to authenticate and encrypt traffic from individual applications on compliant devices to internal resources?

A. VMware Tunnel
B. Device Compliance
C. Workspace ONE Intelligence
D. Email Notification Service 

Question # 18

For federal clients, FIPS 140-2 and AES 256-bit encryption are applied to which three areas? (Choose three.) 

A. data in use
B. data in flying
C. data in pace
D. data in rest
E. data in transit 

Question # 19

An administrator would like to customize their admin consoles default branding to include the company logo and reflect the company’s text color and background.How would the administrator accomplish this task?

A. Navigate to UEM Console, All Settings. System. Branding. Click Branding and edit the settings in the Branding page as appropriate.
B. Navigate to the Configurations tab on the console. Click Branding. Edit the settings in the Branding page as appropriate.
C. Navigate to the Hub Service console Home page. Click Branding. Edit the settings in the Branding page as appropriate.
D. Navigate to UEM Console. All Settings. Hub Services. Click Branding and edit the settings in the Branding page as appropriate. 

Question # 20

Which administrative console is used to change to an organization logo (branding) in the Intelligent Hub Catalog? 

A. Workspace ONE Access
B. Workspace ONE Hub Services
C. Workspace ONE
D. Workspace ONE UEM 

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