Cisco 300-535 dumps

Cisco 300-535 Exam Dumps

Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions (300-535 SPAUTO)
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Exam Code 300-535
Exam Name Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions (300-535 SPAUTO)
Questions 60 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Cisco 300-535 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which NETCONF datastore is locked while the network device configuration is edited?

A. running
B. common
C. startup
D. working

Question # 2

Which NETCONF datastore is locked while the network device configuration is edited?

A. running
B. common
C. startup
D. working

Question # 3

What are two advantages of using Python virtual environments? (Choose two.)

A. They allow for multiple Python projects to use different versions of the same dependency without conflict.
B. They allow multiple Python applications to share virtual memory between subprocesses.
C. They allow for isolated environments where each can use a different version of Python.
D. They allow for all Python projects to utilize the same set of shared dependencies.
E. They allow for multiple virtual machines to share a single Python environment.

Question # 4

Which statement describes an asynchronous API communication?

A. Asynchronous communication waits for a response.
B. Synchronous communication is with a central orchestrator.
C. It is not necessary to wait for availability of a resource.
D. An application can freeze if there is no response from a request.

Question # 5

Which statement describes the Cisco ESC core engine component?

A. It interacts with the top orchestration layer using the REST and NETCONF/YANG NB APIs.
B. It can be configured for high availability and cluster mode.
C. It performs monitoring based on several monitoring methods.
D. It manages transactions, validations, policies, workflows, VM state machines, and rollbacks.

Question # 6

Fill in the blank to complete the statement about NETCONF and Python libraries._______________is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and deploying changes to the networkusing the NETCONF protocol.

Question # 7

What are two fundamental design constraints of a RESTful API? (Choose two.)

A. It includes a series of interactions to the API that are dependent on one another.
B. It is dependent on the communication protocol being HTTP.
C. It exposes procedures or functions for a client call.
D. Each interaction is independent from all others on the server side.
E. It is a client-server communication model where the client and the server are independent of one another.

Question # 8

You create a simple service package skeleton in Cisco NSO using ncs-make-package –service-skeletontemplate vlan. Which two steps must be performed to complete the service? (Choose two.)

A. Create the VLAN service template in XML.
B. Modify the VLAN FastMap algorithm.
C. Start the VLAN Python VM.
D. Create the VLAN service model in YANG.
E. Compile the VLAN NED.

Question # 9

What is an interior YANG data node that exists in at most one instance in the data tree and has no value?

A. listing node
B. tree node
C. container node
D. leaf node

Question # 10

Which Git command is needed to stage the file to then commit the changes to the revisionhistory?

A. git init
B. git add
C. git merge
D. git commit

Question # 11

Which is a format used for the YANG JSON content-type header?

A. application/vnd/
B. application/
C. application/
D. application/ json

Question # 12

An engineer just completed the installation of Cisco NSO and all of its components. During testing, some ofthe services are not working properly. To resolve the issue, the engineer started undeploying service instances.What can this cause?

A. It removes the service configuration from the network device only.
B. It removes the service configuration from the network and NSO.
C. It removes the service configuration from NSO only.
D. It runs the service code again when the device is out of sync.

Question # 13

Which two operations must be used to allow a network engineer to use NETCONF to configure and managenetworking devices? (Choose two.)

A. <get-config>
B. <open-session>
C. <close-session>
D. <remove-config>
E. <put>

Question # 14

An engineer needs to configure network devices in an automated way. Which two ways are used to createstructured data using YANG to provide REST-like APIs to enable programmability access? (Choose two.)


Question # 15

Which data format should be used to serialize structured data in the most compact way?

A. protobufs

Question # 16

Which two data formats are human readable? (Choose two.)

B. Apache Arrow
D. binary

Question # 17

A user is debugging a problem with model-driven dial-in/out streams with gRPC for a Cisco IOS XRimplementation. There is no streaming data and the path is not resolved when the show telemetry modeldriven subscription command is issued on the router. What is the cause of the problem?

A. The emsd process is not running.
B. There are polling interval problems.
C. SNMP is not enabled.
D. There is no support for IOS XR 64-bit.

Question # 18

The Netmiko BaseConnection class contains a method called “send_config_set()”. Which two actions doesthis method perform on the device? (Choose two.)

A. It takes a filename parameter that executes commands contained in that file on the device
B. It requires the user to explicitly send configure terminal and exit commands to the device to enter andexit configuration mode.
C. It automatically enters and exits configuration mode on the device.
D. It takes a Python iterable, such as a list of commands, and executes them in order on the device.
E. It saves the running configuration to the startup configuration after executing the configurationcommands on the device.

Question # 19

After a configuration request is sent using NETCONF, which call releases any locks and resources associatedwith the session?

A. <exit-operation>
B. <close-activity>
C. <close-session>
D. <boot-app>

Question # 20

How does using the Python with statement in conjunction with ncclient manager improve an existingNETCONF automation script?

A. It allows the NETCONF connection to the device to be gracefully closed without having to explicitlycode this action.
B. It manages the running configuration of the device by comparing it to the new configuration appliedusing NETCONF.
C. The with statement tries to connect to the device using TCP port 830 first but also tries to connect viaTCP port 22.
D. Use of the with statement catches any exceptions when trying to connect to a device using NETCONF.

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