Eccouncil 312-49v9 dumps

Eccouncil 312-49v9 Exam Dumps

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (v9)
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Exam Code 312-49v9
Exam Name Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (v9)
Questions 589 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date May 10,2024
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Eccouncil 312-49v9 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Bill is the accounting manager for Grummon and Sons LLC in Chicago. On a regular basis, he needs to send PDF documents containing sensitive information through E-mail to his customers.Bill protects the PDF documents with a password and sends them to their intended recipients.Why PDF passwords do not offer maximum protection?

A. PDF passwords can easily be cracked by software brute force tools
B. PDF passwords are converted to clear text when sent through E-mail
C. PDF passwords are not considered safe by Sarbanes-Oxley
D. When sent through E-mail, PDF passwords are stripped from the document completely

Question # 2

What is cold boot (hard boot)?

A. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already in sleep mode
B. It is the process of shutting down a computer from a powered-on or on state
C. It is the process of restarting a computer that is already turned on through the operating system
D. It is the process of starting a computer from a powered-down or off state

Question # 3

Paul is a computer forensics investigator working for Tyler & Company Consultants. Paul has been called upon to help investigate a computer hacking ring broken up by the local police. Paul begins to inventory the PCs found in the hackers hideout. Paul then comes across a PDA left by them that is attached to a number of different peripheral devices. What is the first step that Paul must take with the PDA to ensure the integrity of the investigation?

A. Place PDA, including all devices, in an antistatic bag
B. Unplug all connected devices
C. Power off all devices if currently on
D. Photograph and document the peripheral devices

Question # 4

Jessica works as systems administrator for a large electronics firm. She wants to scan her network quickly to detect live hosts by using ICMP ECHO Requests. What type of scan is Jessica going to perform?

A. Tracert
B. Smurf scan
C. Ping trace
D. ICMP ping sweep

Question # 5

Which of the following data structures stores attributes of a process, as well as pointers to other attributes and data structures?

A. Lsproc
B. DumpChk
C. RegEdit
D. EProcess

Question # 6

Which rule requires an original recording to be provided to prove the content of a recording?

A. 1004
B. 1002
C. 1003
D. 1005

Question # 7

An attacker has compromised a cloud environment of a company and used the employee information to perform an identity theft attack. Which type of attack is this?

A. Cloud as a subject
B. Cloud as a tool
C. Cloud as an object
D. Cloud as a service

Question # 8

What type of attack sends spoofed UDP packets (instead of ping packets) with a fake source address to the IP broadcast address of a large network?

A. Fraggle
B. Smurf scan
C. SYN flood
D. Teardrop

Question # 9

When using an iPod and the host computer is running Windows, what file system will be used?

A. iPod+
C. FAT16
D. FAT32

Question # 10

Where is the default location for Apache access logs on a Linux computer?

A. usr/local/apache/logs/access_log
B. bin/local/home/apache/logs/access_log
C. usr/logs/access_log
D. logs/usr/apache/access_log

Question # 11

The process of restarting a computer that is already turned on through the operating system is called?

A. Warm boot
B. Ice boot
C. Hot Boot
D. Cold boot

Question # 12

If you are concerned about a high level of compression but not concerned about any possible data loss, what type of compression would you use?

A. Lossful compression
B. Lossy compression
C. Lossless compression
D. Time-loss compression

Question # 13

A forensics investigator needs to copy data from a computer to some type of removable media so he can examine the information at another location. The problem is that the data is around 42GB in size. What type of removable media could the investigator use?

A. Blu-Ray single-layer
C. Blu-Ray dual-layer
D. DVD-18

Question # 14

Madison is on trial for allegedly breaking into her university internal network. The police raided her dorm room and seized all of her computer equipment. Madison lawyer is trying to convince the judge that the seizure was unfounded and baseless. Under which US Amendment is Madison lawyer trying to prove the police violated?

A. The 10th Amendment
B. The 5th Amendment
C. The 1st Amendment
D. The 4th Amendment

Question # 15

You are running through a series of tests on your network to check for any security vulnerabilities.After normal working hours, you initiate a DoS attack against your external firewall. The firewall Quickly freezes up and becomes unusable. You then initiate an FTP connection from an external IP into your internal network. The connection is successful even though you have FTP blocked at the external firewall. What has happened?

A. The firewall failed-bypass
B. The firewall failed-closed
C. The firewall ACL has been purged
D. The firewall failed-open

Question # 16

John is working as a computer forensics investigator for a consulting firm in Canada. He is called to seize a computer at a local web caf purportedly used as a botnet server. John thoroughly scans the computer and finds nothing that would lead him to think the computer was a botnet server. John decides to scan the virtual memory of the computer to possibly find something he had missed. What information will the virtual memory scan produce?

A. It contains the times and dates of when the system was last patched
B. It is not necessary to scan the virtual memory of a computer
C. It contains the times and dates of all the system files
D. Hidden running processes

Question # 17

Michael works for Kimball Construction Company as senior security analyst. As part of yearly security audit, Michael scans his network for vulnerabilities. Using Nmap, Michael conducts XMAS scan and most of the ports scanned do not give a response. In what state are these ports?

A. Closed
B. Open
C. Stealth
D. Filtered

Question # 18

Which program is the bootloader when Windows XP starts up?


Question # 19

Bob has been trying to penetrate a remote production system for the past two weeks. This time however, he is able to get into the system. He was able to use the System for a period of three weeks. However, law enforcement agencies were recoding his every activity and this was later presented as evidence.The organization had used a Virtual Environment to trap Bob. What is a Virtual Environment?

A. A Honeypot that traps hackers
B. A system Using Trojaned commands
C. An environment set up after the user logs in
D. An environment set up before a user logs in

Question # 20

Which of the following commands shows you the names of all open shared files on a server and the number of file locks on each file?

A. Net config
B. Net file
C. Net share
D. Net sessions

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