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Google Cloud Digital Leader exam
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Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Google Cloud service or feature lets you build machine learning models using Standard SQL and data in a data warehouse?

A. BigQuery ML 
B. TensorFlow 
C. AutoML Tables 
D. Cloud Bigtable ML 

Question # 2

What are the key features of Google Cloud Identity. 

A. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
B. Single sign-on (SSO) 
C. Works with your favorite apps and Endpoint management 
D. All of the Above 

Question # 3

Your organization needs to process large amounts of data from an online application that operates continuously. You do not want to be required to provision infrastructure or create server clusters. What should your organization choose? 

A. Compute Engine with BigQuery 
B. Dataproc 
C. Google Kubernetes Engine with Cloud Bigtable 
D. Dataflow 

Question # 4

The Border Security Agency has hired your software services firm to build an application for them that will collect information about visas stamped on passports. You are given stamped images. You have to find out which country issued the visa and the period of validity. Pull out this data and put it into a database. Which of these applications would be suitable for that? 

A. Use Cloud Vision API - write code to identify the text blocks, copy the data, and store it 
B. Use TensorFlow - write code that will identify the type of visa and the bounding text blocks. Copy the data and then store it. 
C. Use AutoML - upload other images of visas and run the model creation process which will automatically identify the visas 
D. Use Data Labeling service - outsource the work of marking and extracting the in-formation to others. 

Question # 5

The customer has applications that do data processing on-premise. They have been built using Ha-doop and Spark. What product should I use on Google Cloud? 

A. Dataproc 
B. Dataflow 
C. Dataprep 
D. Dataplex 

Question # 6

Your organization is running all its workloads in a private cloud on top of a hypervisor. Your organization has decided it wants to move to Google Cloud as quickly as possible. Your organization wants minimal changes to the current environment, while using the maximim amount of managed services Google offers. What should your organization do? 

A. Migrate the workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine 
B. Migrate the workloads to Compute Engine 
C. Migrate the workloads to Bare Metal Solution 
D. Migrate the workloads to Google Kubernetes Engine 

Question # 7

What characteristics should an organization adopt to be a DevOps organization? 

A. Teamwork over individual work 
B. Obsession with Automation over preoccupation with manual work 
C. Product based teams over component teams. 
D. All of the Above 

Question # 8

When you update the function in firebase by deploying updated code, instances for older versions are cleaned up along with build artifacts in __________________ and replaced by new instances.

 A. Google Cloud console. 
B. Storage and Container Registry. 
C. Container Registry repository. 
D. None of the Above 

Question # 9

Virtual Machine vCPU and memory usage for each of these categories can receive one of the following discounts? (Select Three Answer) 

A. Military Discounts 
B. Spot Instances 
C. Committed-Use 
D. Sustained-Use 
E. Preemptible VMs 

Question # 10

A startup is planning to create their entire suite of applications on Google Cloud. They are looking at various open source technologies to build applications. One of the considera-tion is about having a well integrated monitoring tool. They have to be able to constantly review load capacity and performance of their applications and virtual machines. What would you advise them to do? 

A. It is best to build a custom solution so that they know it integrates well with all their custom applications. 
B. Since they are using open source for applications, find another open source monitoring tool and integrate it, which could turn out to be very cheap. 
C. Use the Google Cloud Operations Suite which contains monitoring among other operations tools. 
D. Update the application code to regularly write to output logs. Export the logs to BigQuery to analyze them frequently. 

Question # 11

A Customer has their current SAP systems using Microsoft SQL Server as the Database. They are migrating to Google Cloud and also preparing to later migrate to the latest version of SAP. The entire IT team is being directed to focus on the migration to the new version of SAP. The new version of SAP does not use Microsoft SQL Server as the Database, Any but the most critical IT management tasks are being deprioritized, How should they migrate their current database to Google Cloud? 

A. Spanner 
B. Bare Metal 
C. BigQuery 
D. Cloud SQL 

Question # 12

You are consulting for a client who is migrating to Google Cloud. They presently have a matrix or-ganization. Their IT environments were managed around projects. Each team had multiple projects. All the projects had a flat structure under the company. What would you advise them when plan-ning for the move? 

A. On Google Cloud, create a folder corresponding to each team. Under that, there could be projects or further sub folders as the team decides. 
B. In terms of not disturbing the project developers and testers, advise them that the strategic decision is to retain the structure on Google Cloud also. 
C. Since a Project could spawn other sub-Projects, on Google Cloud it is better to as-sign a folder for each Project.
 D. The flat structure is what is currently used in IT organizations, and this can be used as-is which will provide the best results. 

Question # 13

Your company has signed up with a cloud provider and you will be using storage and virtual machines with the provider. The provider has provided your organization some expectations for what the service should perform at. What type of agreement provides a guarantee of a certain level of service such as “Uptime”? 

A. Performance Agreement 
B. Interconnection Agreement 
C. Warranty 
D. Service Level Agreement 

Question # 14

Which of the following statements is / are correct about Machine Learning? 

A. Machine learning examples include chatbots and automated virtual assistants to automate routine customer service tasks and speed up issue resolution. 
B. Machine learning automates the job of building statistical models with Human In-tervention. 
C. Robotic process automation (RPA) can not be attached with ML. 
D. None of the Above. 

Question # 15

Your application is onboarding a number of users. The details of the users very widely. What kind of database would be most suitable for this use case? 

A. NoSQL database like Firestore 
B. OLAP database like BigQuery which support SQL 
C. SQL database like MySQL or PostgreSQL 
D. OLTP database like Cloud Spanner 

Question # 16

Your organization needs to plan its cloud infrastructure expenditures. Which should your organization do? 

A. Review cloud resource costs frequently, because costs change often based on use 
B. Review cloud resource costs annually as part of planning your organization’s overall budget 
C. If your organization uses only cloud resources, infrastructure costs are no longer part of your overall budget 
D. Involve fewer people in cloud resource planning than your organization did for onpremises resource planning 

Question # 17

In terms of Cloud SQL for MySQL Features offered by Google Cloud Platform which of the statements is/are correct? 

A. Do not support Private IP (private service access). 
B. Customer data is encrypted on Google's internal networks and in database tables, temporary files, and backups. 
C. Do not Provide automated and on-demand backups and point-in-time recovery. 
D. None of the above 

Question # 18

A prospect wants to be able to store and analyze data. Their analysts already know SQL, but are not familiar with other technologies. Which of these databases can the analysts use without addi-tional training? 

A. Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Datastore 
B. Spanner, Cloud SQL, BigQuery 
C. Cloud SQL, Firestore, Datastore
 D. Cloud SQL, Bigtable, BigQuery 

Question # 19

Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) can be used for encrypting data inside Cloud BigTable, which of the following statements is/are correct. (Select two answer) 

A. Administrators can not rotate 
B. Not supported for instances that have clustered in more than one region. 
C. CMEK can only be configured at the cluster level. 
D. You can not use the same CMEK key in multiple projects 

Question # 20

A customer deploys an application to App Engine and needs to check for Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) vulnerabilities. Which service should be used to accomplish this?

 A. Cloud Armor 
B. Cloud Security Scanner 
C. Binary Authorization 
D. Forseti Security 

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