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Oracle 1z0-133 Exam Dumps

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I
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Exam Code 1z0-133
Exam Name Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I
Questions 127 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Oracle 1z0-133 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You are responsible for installing and setting up WebLogic Server to support thedevelopment, testing, and production of an application. Each phase of the application’s lifecycle has different scalability, performance, and security requirements. How will youimplement this?

A. Create a single domain with three clusters
B. Create a single domain with three administration servers
C. Create a single domain with three managed servers
D. Create three domains

Question # 2

The Configuration Wizard has a Node Manager option which, if selected, allows you to alsoconfigure a Node Manager as you create your domain. Select two true statements aboutusing the Configuration Wizard to configure Node Manager. (Choose two.)

A. You are required to enter the username and password for accessing Node Manager
B. You are allowed to choose the location of the Node Manager home
C. You can select either the Java-based or script-based Node Manager
D. After the Configuration Wizard creates the domain, it automatically starts the configuredNode Manager

Question # 3

You are using the Embedded LDAP that is supplied by Oracle WebLogic Server. Whichthree statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. The Embedded LDAP can be accessed by an external LDAP viewer
B. The Embedded LDAP cannot be used in a production environment
C. The Embedded LDAP uses the file system to store WebLogic security provider data
D. The Embedded LDAP uses the database to store WebLogic security provider data
E. The Embedded LDAP can be used to store user, group, security roles and securitypolicies for the WebLogic security providers

Question # 4

You are using the Configuration Wizard to create a new domain that will consist of a clusterof three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic Server acting as HTTPproxy to distribute traffic to the cluster.Which three steps should you perform with the Configuration Wizard? (Choose three.)

A. Create one cluster.
B. Install Oracle HTTP Server.
C. Create one Coherence server.
D. Create four managed servers.
E. Assign three servers to a cluster.
F. Specify a proxy port for the administration server.

Question # 5

You are working for a software company that mostly dealt with creating and reusing C++and .NET objects. There are many COM (Component Object Model) components that havebeen created over time that provide standardized functionalities. Recently, platformindependence has become a major consideration for your organization and you havedeployed WebLogic Server12c. But you would like to make use of some of your prebuiltCOM objects for request processing. You need an interim solution before implementingweb services.Which artifact within WebLogic Server helps you achieve your objective?

A. Messaging Bridge
B. IDL Mapper
D. XMLRegistry
E. COM2Java

Question # 6

You zipped up the domain’s config directory on the administration server’s machine beforemaking some major configuration changes. You wait to activate after all the changes havebeen saved. After your changes are in, things start failing badly. You want to go back to theold configuration.What is the best course of action?

A. Undo the changes you made manually by using the administration console or WLST.
B. 1. Stop the administration server. 2. Replace the config directory on the administrationserver’s machine with your backup. 3. Restart the administration server.4. Stop themanaged servers on each machine.5. Replace the config directory on the machine withyour backup.6. Restart the managed servers on the machine.
C. 1. Stop the administration server.2. Extract only the config.xm1 file from the zip file.3.Overwrite config.xm1 on the administration server’s machine with this extracted file.4.Restart the administration server.
D. 1. Stop the administration server.2. Replace the config directory on the administrationserver’s machine with your backup.3. Restart the administration server.

Question # 7

You created a shutdown class MyClass that you would like to execute just before servershutdown.Which statement is true regarding MyClass?

A. MyClass can be specified in the Configuration Wizard as a shutdown class.
B. MyClass must be available in the WebLogic Server’s classpath.
C. MyClass can be targeted to only one server instance.
D. MyClass must not have a main method.

Question # 8

An administrator in your organization says you do not need to back up the domain files ona machine which only managed servers run.Select the best explanation for this statement.

A. This is true because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpackutilities.
B. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the packand unpack utilities. The exception is if your security realm uses the embedded LDAPsystem. Which is not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility.
C. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the packand unpack utilities. The exception is for applications that are deployed to the managedserver. Those files are not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility. If you backthose up manually, then pack and unpack can be used.
D. This is not true. You need to back up the domain files on a machine on which onlymanaged servers run by using operating system commands (such as tar or zip).

Question # 9

Which two statements are true when an Administration Server is compared to a ManagedServer? (Choose two.)

A. An Administration Server manages the domain configuration
B. A domain must have at least one of each type of server
C. An Administration Server keeps a domain log, but a Managed Server does not
D. A Managed Server keeps a server log, but an Administration Server does not
E. Java EE applications are deployed only to a Managed Server

Question # 10

Which three Administration Console tasks require you to obtain the configuration lock of aproduction mode domain? (Choose three.)

A. Stop an application deployment
B. Create a new JDBC data source
C. Change a server’s listen port
D. Suspend a running server
E. Add a server to an existing cluster
F. Create a new administrative user

Question # 11

You are in the process of planning a deployment in which a single WebLogic cluster willhost a web application. There are several options to consider.Which is not a valid decision?

A. Proxy plug-in or hardware load balancer
B. Configured or dynamic cluster
C. Replicated or persistent HTTP sessions
D. Unicast or multicast communication
E. Single or multiple domains

Question # 12

A new machine was given to your department. This machine has two WebLogic Server12.1.2 installations, each with different inventories.Which command or tool do you run to determine the differences in products installed ineach of the inventories?

A. None, inventories are used by Oracle databases only.
B. *ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/bin/ -oracle_home1 <oracle_home1location> -oracle_home2 <oracle_home2 location>*.
C. The Oracle Inventory Viewer utility.
D. *ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/ -oracle_home1 <oracle_home1location> -oracle_home2 <oracle_home2 location >*.

Question # 13

Select two ways to start the Java-based Node Manager on a Linux machine. (Choose two.)

A. Use the script
B. Use the administration console. Select the machine and then click the Start button.
C. Have Node Manager start at system boot as a daemon
D. Use the Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) to start NodeManager as a system process
E. Set the appropriate environment variables. Then run the Java virtual machine with theclass nodemanager.RunTime, passing the class the proper parameters.

Question # 14

To support a growing application workload, you need to scale out an existing (nondynamic)cluster. You power up the new hardware and install WebLogic server.Which two changes are mandatory for you to make to your domain configuration? (Choosetwo.)

A. Create a new deployment plan.
B. Create a new machine.
C. Create a new server.
D. Add a server to the cluster.
E. Add a server to the machine.
F. Add the cluster to the machine.

Question # 15

One Managed Server that is part of a large domain throws java.lang.OutOfMemory errors(OOM) occasionally.You have been monitoring this server with the jvisualVM tool but that didn’t help becausethe issue occurs infrequently and not a specific scenario. So you decided to force theserver to dump the heap memory as soon as an OOM gets thrown in order to analyze thedump file later.How do you modify the Java HotSpot startup command to enable this feature and save thedump in the directory D:\hprof-dumps\?

A. Add -XX:+DumpHeapOnOutOfMemory -XX:DumpPath= D:\hprof-dumps.
B. Add -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=D:\hprof-dumps.
C. Add -XX:+DumpHeapOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapPath=D:\hprof-dump.
D. Add -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemory -XX:HeapDumpPath=D:\hprof-dumps.
E. Add -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:DumpPath=D:\hprof-dumps.
F. Add -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryException -XX:HeapDumpPath=D:\hprof-dumps.

Question # 16

Which two statements are true about Log Filters? (Choose two.)

A. You do not have to lock the configuration to create Log Filters
B. Log Filters are created at the domain level
C. The administration console assists in the creation of Log Filter expressions
D. You can apply a Log Filter to the server log, but not to standard out

Question # 17

In the certification matrix for your version of WebLogic Server, you find the row for yourdatabase and its version. In that row, in the “type of database use” column, it says“application data access only”.Your database cannot be used __________.

A. By the administration server
B. For internal data storage by WebLogic Server
C. By a multidata source
D. In a production environment
E. By an Enterprise JavaBean

Question # 18

Which machines can be configured by using the Configuration Wizard?

A. machine and Windows machine
B. administration machine and managed machine
C. machine and UNIX machine
D. stand-alone machine and cluster machine
E. RDBMS machine and LDAP machine

Question # 19

As part of troubleshooting an application, you need to analyze the HTTP session count andthe server heap size over the past six hours. You are using the Administration Console.You want to view both metrics together and correlate their values.Which three steps should you take in the Administration Console? (Choose three.)

A. Create a custom view.
B. Start the JVM Runtime view.
C. Drag each metric onto two charts in the same view.
D. Access the Monitoring Dashboard.
E. Click the application’s Monitoring tab.Answer: C,D,E

Question # 20

Your domain consists of 30 servers. You are using the Administration Console.Which is the quickest way to identify the servers that are in a Failed health state?

A. Use the Filter button from the domain’s Monitoring > Health tab.
B. Use the Monitoring > Health tab for each server in the domain.
C. Write a custom WLST script to print out failed server.
D. Capture a diagnostic snapshot.

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