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PMI PMP Sample Questions

Question # 1

During a regular project progress meeting, the CEO informed the project manager that amajor stakeholder has been unaware of recent developments on the project. Theproject manager is sure that the stakeholder was duly identified and classified in thestakeholder register.Which project document should the project manager review in order to determine thereason for this issue?

A. Requirements traceability matrix
B. Stakeholder register
C. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
D. Issue log

Question # 2

A project manager is assigned to a critical software development project. The team is usinga hybrid approach and has divided development into four sprints. At the end of sprint three, the project manager discovers that the earned value (EV) is US$500,000 and the planned value (PV) is US$550,000.What should the project manager do?

A. Introduce a float.
B. Adjust the budget.
C. Adjust the project time line.
D. Fast track the project.

Question # 3

A company has appointed a supplier to deliver software and has assigned an internalproject manager. The supplier states that no technical development or testing is requiredfrom the customer. The project manager would like to confirm this with all of thestakeholders.What should the internal project manager do first?

A. Distribute the project plan to all of the interested parties.
B. Host an alignment session with stakeholders to formalize the project requirements.
C. Communicate to the supplier that customer testing is required.
D. Develop a user acceptance testing plan to ensure the quality of the deliverables.

Question # 4

An agile team has completed five sprints. The final product is expected to be delivered inanother three sprints. The project manager receives a call from the technical resourcemanager that one of the developers must take leave for the next 4 weeks, with notemporary replacement available. This is going to significantly impact the deliverable.What should the project manager do?

A. Perform an impact analysis, readjust the schedule as needed, and communicate thechanges to the customer.
B. Ask the product owner to stretch the delivery team further to complete the final productin the original timeline.
C. Inform the customer of the impact immediately and prepare for escalation.
D. Request additional funding from the sponsor to obtain a new resource to fill in the gap.

Question # 5

A project manager for an agile project is concerned that the team has been losingmomentum over the last iterations. Which two tools should the project manager use toanalyze team performance? (Choose two)

A. 0Project schedule
B. Product backlog bumup chart
C. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
D. Cumulative flow diagram of completed features
E. Burndown chart

Question # 6

A project manager is newly appointed to lead a project team that will be working remotely.The project manager decided to use a set of tools thatworked well for previous projects. However, a few team members are not happy with thisplan.What should the project manager have done to avoid this?

A. Delegated the responsibility of selecting the collaboration tools to the project's technical
B. Met with the project team to determine their collaboration needs and identified tools thatwill work best.
C. Allowed the project team members to use the tools that will work best for them for thisproject.
D. Asked the project sponsor for approval to purchase the newest collaboration tool on themarket.

Question # 7

A new project needs to be submitted for urgent funding approval. The project, which will use a new technology, is vital to the organization. The entire Scrum team has worked together for over 3 years on multiple projects and delivered the previous project under the approved budget.Which estimation technique should the project manager implement in this context?

.A. Budget estimate
B. Definitive estimate
C. Story points
D. Order of magnitude

Question # 8

A project with a hard timeline is starting its first iteration out of six. The project team islacking the necessary skills to execute.What should the project manager do?

A. Allow the team to proceed as they attempt to meet the timeline.
B. Add a subject matter expert (SME) to the project team.
C. Invite stakeholders to discuss a mitigation plan to finish on time.
D. Fill the skill gap personally to execute the project.

Question # 9

During the early phase of a project, the requirements documentation was not approved. Itwas identified that the leader of a user party was not included in any of the requirementscollection communications.Which of the documents was likely missed or outdated?

A. Business Documentation
B. Stakeholder Register
C. Risk Register
D. Project Charter

Question # 10

product development team has team members located in four different countries. A seniormanager is assigned the task of recruiting a project manager to manage thisproject and the virtual team.Which skill is required for a project manager to successfully manage this team?

A. Speaks several languages and has lived in different countries
B. Possesses strong interpersonal skills to drive high-performing virtual teams
C. Plans and controls every aspect of the team's deliverables to avoid surprises
D. Implements the organization’s standards and processes for the project

Question # 11

A project manager is leading an integration project for a retail company. The projectdemands a lot of time from the stakeholders to make important business decisions. Theproject is critical and must be completed on time and within budget.What should the project manager do to ensure that key stakeholders are available for thisproject?

A. Add time reserve in the project schedule to allow extra time for the stakeholders to mak decisions.
B. Share the project schedule, milestones, and meeting agendas with the stakeholdersahead of time.
C. Work with the available stakeholders to make business decisions and keep allunavailable stakeholders informed.
D. Schedule meetings with all of the stakeholders to make business decisions whenneeded.

Question # 12

A project manager is leading an integration project for a retail company. The projectdemands a lot of time from the stakeholders to make important business decisions. Theproject is critical and must be completed on time and within budget.What should the project manager do to ensure that key stakeholders are available for thisproject?

A. Add time reserve in the project schedule to allow extra time for the stakeholders to mak decisions.
B. Share the project schedule, milestones, and meeting agendas with the stakeholdersahead of time.
C. Work with the available stakeholders to make business decisions and keep allunavailable stakeholders informed.
D. Schedule meetings with all of the stakeholders to make business decisions whenneeded.

Question # 13

A project team is engaging a development team in another country to develop software. During progress reviews, the project manager identified completion date delays due to rework because there were different interpretations of the client's needs. What should the project manager do?

A. Travel to the development team's office to push the schedule.
B. Set up a meeting with key stakeholders to clarify requirements.
C. Escalate to the project steering committee and request additional time.
D. Create prototypes with the development team to confirm requirements.

Question # 14

A laboratory is launching a new product, defined to be executed in eight iterations with afixed release date. At the beginning of the seconditeration, the project manager realizes that a significant regulatory feature is missing in theproject backlog.What should the project manager do?

A. Ask the product owner to add the missing feature in the backlog.
B. Invite stakeholders to discuss the impact of adding the regulatory feature.
C. Estimate the related cost and ask for a project extension.
D. Increase the capacity of the team to include the missed feature.

Question # 15

Travel restrictions are suddenly imposed during a project's execution. The team membersreside in different geographic locations.What should the project manager do next to address this issue?

A. Halt all processes until procurement and implementation of solutions are completed.
B. Place a hold on activities until the team can resume the work on-site.
C. Ask the team members to proceed independently while examining needs and alternatives.
D. Obtain and implement the sponsor's recommendations for a solution.

Question # 16

recently concluded quality audit failed and came back with multiple action items. A newlyappointed project manager is reviewing the project status with the team. New stakeholdershave been identified, and new audit resources may have to be added to the project.What should the project manager do next?

A. Perform stakeholder engagement.
B. Perform integrated change control.
C. Update the quality management plan.
D. Update the risk management plan.

Question # 17

A company is starting a critical project with a strict deadline. During the first planningmeeting, the team realizes that the list of requirements has too many items to allow on-timedelivery.What should the project manager do first?

A. Increase the capacity of the team to finish the project on time.
B. Update the risk register and present a contingency plan to meet the deadline.
C. Ask the team to propose a minimum viable product (MVP) to meet the date.
D. Suggest to the customer to reduce the backlog to meet the date.

Question # 18

A project sponsor would like to include a new deliverable. The sponsor contacts the projectmanager in order to seek advice on the most efficient approach to complete the deliverablewithin the next 2 months.What should the project manager do?

A. Change the project methodology in order to achieve completion of the deliverable within2 months.
B. Advise the sponsor that it is not the project manager’s job to evaluate the project.
C. Suggest that the sponsor conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine feasibility.
D. Use the management reserve in order to expedite completion of the deliverable within 2months.

Question # 19

A project team has established contracts for purchasing vehicles and construction services.In the middle of project execution, the team learnsthat the vehicle supplier cannot deliver the vehicles. There is not enough time to find a newsupplier without delaying the project.Which action should the project manager take to procure the vehicles?

A. Ask the technical team to revise the requirements, even if it requires extra budget.
B. Arrange a meeting with the client to request additional time to find a new supplier.
C. Review the existing service contracts to find an option to help procure the vehicles.
D. Procure the vehicles from another supplier and report the change to the change control board (CCB) later.

Question # 20

A project is halfway through its execution phase. The quality specifications for the projectdeliverables are formally accepted. However, a key stakeholder is dissatisfied, stating thatthe deliverables do not meet the quality specifications.What should the project manager do in this situation?

A. Notify the stakeholder that arbitration procedures will be followed.
B. Inform the project sponsor of the stakeholder's dissatisfaction.
C. Document the issue in the issue log and send a report to management.
D. Review the requirements traceability matrix and conduct inspections.

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