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Project Management Professional (2024 Version)
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PMI PMP Sample Questions

Question # 1

A project manager is leading a hybrid project that is building an app for a travel industry startup. Due to unforeseen events, the features and the overall solution will not be useable by many customers due to new travel restrictions. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Release the team and help them achieve their potential on a new project. 
B. Ask the organization's management for advice regarding the project's direction. 
C. Assess the environmental changes and recommend a pivot for the project. 
D. Pause the project if business value cannot be reached and collect lessons learned. 

Question # 2

An organization that embraced agile a couple of years ago is looking for a more efficient way to ensure that the increments produced in each sprint meet the end users’ quality requirements. What should the project lead recommend? 

A. Develop a more comprehensive template for the definition of done (DoD). 
B. Increase the percentage allocated for testing each backlog item. 
C. Organize more frequent sprint reviews with a broader audience. 
D. Establish a quality assurance (QA) team separate from the development team. 

Question # 3

A project manager is leading a cross-departmental project that involves many stakeholders. During the project, the project manager observes that the stakeholders are diverse and have different expectations about how the project should be handled. This leads to frequent confusion and misunderstandings among the stakeholders. What should the project manager do to integrate the diverse stakeholder groups?

A. Advise the team members to focus on project work and avoid getting distracted by the stakeholders’ disagreements. 
B. Hold separate meetings with the individual stakeholders and escalate their concerns to the project sponsor. 
C. Develop a joint quality policy for the project and seek a commitment by all of the departments. 
D. Analyze the probability and impact of the risks linked with the situation and implement the proper response plan. 

Question # 4

A project manager is assigned to work on a complex and innovative project. The technology being used and developed is new and complicated, and most of the stakeholders are unfamiliar with it. Which approach should the project manager use as a servant leader? 

A. Ask stakeholders to find and self-fund education about this new technology. 
B. Allocate resources to provide training about the new technology to the stakeholders. 
C. Contact the project sponsor to get those stakeholders removed from the project. 
D. Escalate the issue with upper management to find a novel solution for this situation. 

Question # 5

A company routinely outsources resources for specific core activities. Due to a sudden, unforeseen risk, all of the team members are needed to work remotely, including the outsourced ones. How can the project manager address this challenge to assure outsourced vendors deliver? 

A. Review the coordination and communication costs with the supplier. 
B. Develop a new strategy for communication and management of resources. 
C. Review the risk management plan for the mitigation activities. 
D. Submit a change request to increase the contingency budget.

Question # 6

In a daily standup meeting, a developer indicates that a backlog item will not be delivered because they need to take an unexpected leave for the next couple of days. The backlog item is a prerequisite for a feature expected by users in the next sprint review. What should the project lead do?

 A. Ask the developer to postpone the leave until the backlog item is delivered. 
B. Ask the development manager to provide a replacement for a couple of days. 
C. Work with the product owner to change the priorities in the sprint backlog.
 D. Work with the product owner to inform the users that the feature is delayed.

Question # 7

A project manager is leading a project that includes several organizations with unique corporate cultures. These diverse corporate cultures are affecting project expectations. The varying expectations often lead to conflicts, which often require the project manager's involvement. What should the project manager do first to evaluate the cultural differences within the organizations? 

A. Establish a probability and impact matrix and plan response criteria. 
B. Disregard the situation since it is not hindering the project deliverables.
 C. Develop a joint policy among the various organizations. 
D. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor and seek their guidance. 

Question # 8

Key decision makers are meeting to define the objectives of a new database migration project. There are many disagreements about scope and time lines among the leaders of various company departments. How should the project manager impartially prioritize the requirements to be integrated? 

A. Retain only requirements that result in profitable revenue growth. 
B. Ensure the CEO selects the requirements from all department leaders. 
C. Give each department a fixed budget that will cover ten requirements. 
D. Rank the requirements with the highest benefit-cost ratio as more important. 

Question # 9

During the early phase of a project, the requirements documentation was not approved. It was identified that the leader of a user party was not included in any of the requirements collection communications. Which of the documents was likely missed or outdated? 

A. Business Documentation 
B. Stakeholder Register 
C. Risk Register 
D. Project Charter 

Question # 10

A consultancy firm is finally selected and contracted for a project following an extensive and competitive procurement process. A few months into project execution, the client asks the project manager why the consultant is contracted for only 18 months instead of the full 32-month-long project. The project manager will need to carry out an unplanned second bidding process to ensure services are in place until the end of the project. What should the project manager have done to prevent this? 

A. Developed a detailed, phased procurement management plan including all activities required and had the client approve it. 
B. Included the client in all negotiation phases with the consultancy to obtain their advanced approval before signing the contract. 
C. Prepared and negotiated a second contract with the consultancy firm for the remaining 14 months after the first contract signature. 
D. Agreed beforehand with the client on the frequency of reporting on the status of the procurement activities within the project. 

Question # 11

Midway through the execution of an agile project, there is a shift in the strategic objectives at the organization level to promote digital transformation. What should the project manager do next? 

A. Prepare a user story to handle the change and assign it to the next iteration. 
B. Escalate to the product owner and cancel the upcoming iterations. 
C. Update the risk-prioritized backlog with the strategic change. 
D. Schedule a meeting with the team to assess the impact of the change. 

Question # 12

All project team members refer to the project manager for various decisions. This causes delays for some tasks, as the project manager is usually preoccupied in meetings throughout the day. What should the project manager do to prevent these delays? 

A. Review the Pareto diagram to identify the source of delays. 
B. Meet with the team in 2 weeks to respond to all of the open tasks.
 C. Consolidate the decision-making authority to remain with the project manager. 
D. Delegate the decision-making authority of some tasks to the team.

Question # 13

A project team member is sick and will not be able to return to the project for a few weeks. During the daily meeting, the team shares their concerns as the sick team member was the only one skilled in the component they were developing. What should the project manager have done to prevent this? 

A. Requested robust documentation for the component's build. 
B. Outsourced development of the specific component to another team. 
C. Acquired more than one resource skilled in each component. 
D. Facilitated cross-functional knowledge transfer during the project. 

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