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The-Open-Group OG0-023 Exam Dumps

ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Examination
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Exam Code OG0-023
Exam Name ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Examination
Questions 103 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date April 01,2024
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The-Open-Group OG0-023 Sample Questions

Question # 1

The Document Archiving application relies on an archiving service, which it accesses through a reliable queuing interface       Which relationship would most accurately describe this situation?

A. Assignment 
B. Realization  
C. Used By  
D. Triggering  

Question # 2

Which of the following best defines “architecture” in the context of the ArchiMate standard? 

A. A high-level summary of a system that is accessible to non-technical executives and other stakeholders
B. A formal description of a system, or a detailed plan of the system at component level to guide its implementation 
C. A description of each component of a system in sufficient detail to ensure that the component is designed and built correctly in every respect
D. An enumeration of the key concepts and philosophies that motivate and shape a major system 

Question # 3

In general, what concept would you use to define a point of access where an application service is made available to another application component? 

A. Application service  
B. Application function  
C. Application interface  
D. Application interaction  

Question # 4

Consider the following ArchiMate diagram:       Which ArchiMate Layers are represented by concepts in this diagram?

A. Business and Technology  
B. Business and Application  
C. Application and Infrastructure  
D. Process and Software  

Question # 5

Which standard ArchiMate viewpoint focuses on the (internal) structure of a company, a department, or a network of companies, and identifies authorities and responsibilities?

A. Actor Co-operation viewpoint  
B. Organizational viewpoint  
C. Business Function viewpoint  
D. Business Process Co-operation viewpoint  

Question # 6

After a claim is processed, ArchiSurance notifies the claimant with a Claim Letter.      Which of the following answers correctly interprets the diagram?  

A. Printed Claim Letters are scanned and stored online  
B. Claim letters have two forms: printed and electronic  
C. A Printed Claim Letter realizes a Claim Letter business object  
D. Copies of Printed Claim Letters are stored in a Claim Letter filing cabinet  
E. Printed Claim Letters are read from the Claim Letter object  

Question # 7

What is the generic name in the ArchiMate language for the concept of an object on which behavior is performed?  

A. Passive structure element  
B. Data object  
C. Active structure element  
D. Passive data object  

Question # 8

Billing data is a digital representation of a customer invoice.      Which ArchiMate relationship most closely represents the relationship between the billing data and the customer invoice in the diagram? 

A. The Customer Invoice realizes the Billing Data  
B. The Billing Data realizes the Customer Invoice  
C. The Customer Invoice uses the Billing Data  
D. The Customer Invoice is assigned to the Billing Data  

Question # 9

The diagram below shows key elements of the configuration of ArchiSurance's newest and most powerful high-end server, which is a model T-9900:       Which of the following descriptions of the configuration is most consistent with the diagram?

A. The T-9900 is fitted with a DVX-1200 cooling system and AX-3000 onboard disk array  
B. The T-9900 is running PRO-FIT's custom, internally-developed DVX-1200 software for enterprise risk analysis and is fitted with an AX-3000 onboard disk array 
C. The T-9900 node is running DVX-1200 middleware and the AX-3000 operating system software  
D. The T-9900 is an assembly of DVX-1200 processing units and AX-3000 high-speed memory array

Question # 10

ArchiMate is a visual modeling language for enterprise architecture. Which of the following answers best describes the primary reason for developing an enterprise architecture? 

A. To support an organization in aligning its business structure, business processes, and information systems with its strategic goals
B. To simplify the information systems within an organization and make them more efficient 
C. To enable an organization to proactively develop the best knowledge and expertise to support its IT and business process portfolio 
D. To ensure that the organization as a whole sees the value of its information systems

Question # 11

Consider the following diagram using the Implementation and Migration extension:       Which of the following statements correctly describes the concepts shown in the diagram?

A. Business processes  
B. Plateau and deliverables  
C. Project components  
D. Work packages  

Question # 12

Which of the following statements about ArchiMate viewpoint classification is correct?  

A. There are three purpose dimensions and three abstraction levels  
B. There are two purpose dimensions and three abstraction layers  
C. There are four purpose dimensions and two abstraction levels  
D. There are three purpose dimensions and four abstraction layers  

Question # 13

The Application Co-operation viewpoint describes the relationships between application components in terms of the information flows between them, or in terms of the services they offer and use. Which of the following concepts cannot be used in an Application Co-operation view?

A. Business object  
B. Location  
C. Application interface  
D. Data object  

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