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Cisco 500-560 Exam Dumps

Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
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Exam Code 500-560
Exam Name Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
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Cisco 500-560 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is a key feature of the Meraki MV Dashboard?

A. drag and drop camera feeds to create video walls with up to 16 cameras per layout
B. bulk configuration changes and software updates
C. device security and location analytics in a single pane of glass
D. single pane of glass showing root cause analysis for all connected wireless clients

Question # 2

What is the key architectural component that allows Cisco Meraki's datacenters to be fullyHIPAA and PCI compliant?

A. non-existent command line interface
B. controller and server-free design
C. Layer 7 application fingerprinting
D. out-of-band control plane

Question # 3

Which combination of MS switch models is supported foe physical stacking with eachother?

A. MS120-8 and MS120-24
B. MS350-48 and MS350-24X C. MS225-48 and MS350-48 D. MS225-24 and MS425-16

Question # 4

What Cisco AirOS-based controller would you recommend to a customer who needs a physical controller tor a network up to 150 APIs?

A. Mobility Express  
B. Cisco 8540  
C. Cisco 3504  
D. Cisco WLC  

Question # 5

Which statement correctly describes how Cisco Meraki devices behave should they beunable to contact the Meraki Cloud server?

A. The network devices will attempt to establish a connection to a locally hosted databaseserver that has been configured for high availability.
B. The devices may be re-initiated into a backup mode if an administrator manuallyintervenes using a direct, local connection.
C. The network stops passing traffic across all devices and the interfaces including anyconnected non- Cisco Meraki devices.
D. The network devices continue to function normally (traffic lows at full rate) butmanagement and configuration functions are interrupted.

Question # 6

What next-generation feature is supported by the Cisco Meraki MS platform?

A. Multigigabit Ethernet
B. Multi-chassis Trunking
C. Power stacking
D. Fibre Channel

Question # 7

How is an Organization defined within the context of the Meraki Dashboard?

A. It is defined by the user's network construct and categorized as either small-mediumenterprise (SME), campus, or a distributed enterprise.
B. It contains Cisco Meraki devices, their configurations, statistics, and any client-deviceinformation
C. It serves as the boundary of the account's administrative domain, including license,inventory, and user management
D. It consists of multiple service provider resources, including support ticket managementand API sandboxes 

Question # 8

What is one feature of MV cameras that allows users to optimize video retention?

A. zoom lens
B. motion-based retention
C. low bit rate and frame rate
D. high definition

Question # 9

What is one benefit of Cisco Umbrella?

A. view of the network at a fixed point in the past to troubleshoot issues
B. protection against command-and-control callbacks
C. easy hardware installation
D. real-time telemetry

Question # 10

What is one of the key drivers of growing security threats in the market?

A. comprehensive security solutions
B. security solution fragmentation
C. increased demand for cybersecurity professionals
D. hardware with integrated security solution 

Question # 11

What is one advantage of Umbrella branch package?

A. prevent already-infected devices from connecting to command and control
B. prevent guest or corporate users from connecting to malicious domains and IPaddresses
C. deploy the branch package on a Cisco ISR4K router in 4 easy steps
D. no client side configuration required

Question # 12

What is one typical need of a small branch?

A. multiple network services integrated into a single device
B. comprehensive subscription-based services
C. multiple devices for optimal flexibility
D. ability for users to access the majority of resources at off-site data storage

Question # 13

Which Catalyst 9800 series controller would you recommend for a small branch and campus deployments up to 200 APs?

A. Catalyst 9800-SW  
B. Catalyst 9800-CL  
C. Catalyst 9800-40  
D. Catalyst 9800-80  

Question # 14

What is Cisco Switch Selector?

A. a tool that can help customers compare options and identify the right switch for theirneeds
B. a dashboard view of all an enterprise's switches
C. a configuration tool that helps small business customers rapidly deploy a new switch
D. a cloud-based solution to optimize network performance

Question # 15

Which statement is true about Cisco Mobility Express?

A. It must be connected to a separate physical wireless controller to provide full enterprisefeatures.
B. It can be deployed in under 10 minutes with an easy 3-stepover-the-air configurationwizard.
C. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use vManage dashboard.
D. Customers must purchase a license to support more than 50 APs.

Question # 16

What is one way that Mx security appliances achieve automatic failover and high availability?

A. Always on (availability groups)
B. Redundant gateways (using HSRP)  
C. Warm spare (using VRRP) 
D. Survivable Remote Site Technology (SRST) 

Question # 17

Which statement is true regarding Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)?

A. blocking malicious destinations before a connection is ever established
B. facilitating critical protection from constant, dynamic, and rapidly evolving web threats
C. reducing fragmentation by integrating with other Cisco security and network solutionsintegrating deep visibility, preeminent
D. intelligence, and superior protection

Question # 18

Which is a function performed by the dedicated third radio in MR access points?

A. RF optimization (Auto RF)
B. WLAN controller
C. Site survey planning
D. DHCP addresssing

Question # 19

What are many enterprises enabling to meet increasing demands of bandwidth at the branch?

B. IoT
C. IPsec VPN
D. limited guest Wi-Fi

Question # 20

Where will the current Aironet Wave 2 2800 series transition to for the mid-market?

A. Catalyst 9115
B. Catalyst 9800
C. Catalyst 9120
D. Aironet 4800

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