HashiCorp Terraform-Associate-003 dumps

HashiCorp Terraform-Associate-003 Exam Dumps

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (003)
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Exam Code Terraform-Associate-003
Exam Name HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (003)
Questions 138 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date February 22,2024
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HashiCorp Terraform-Associate-003 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which is the best way to specify a tag of v1.0.0 when referencing a module stored in Git (for example. Git::https://example.com/vpc.git)?

A. Append pref=v1.0.0 argument to the source path
B. Add version = œ1.0.0 parameter to module block
C. Nothing modules stored on GitHub always default to version 1.0.0

Question # 2

Terraform configuration can only import modules from the public registry. 

A. True
B. False

Question # 3

You are writing a child Terraform module that provisions an AWS instance. You want to reference the IP address returned by the child module in the root configuration. You name the instance resource "main'.Which of these is the correct way to define the output value?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 4

Which configuration consistency errors does terraform validate report?

A. Terraform module isn't the latest version
B. Differences between local and remote state
C. Declaring a resource identifier more than once
D. A mix of spaces and tabs in configuration files

Question # 5

When should you use the force-unlock command?

A. You have a high priority change
B. Automatic unlocking failed
C. apply failed due to a state lock
D. You see a status message that you cannot acquire the lock

Question # 6

Which of these statements about Terraform Cloud workspaces is false?

A. They have role-based access controls
B. You must use the CLI to switch between workspaces
C. Plans and applies can be triggered via version control system integrations
D. They can securely store cloud credentials

Question # 7

Which of these ate secure options for storing secrets for connecting to a Terraform remote backend?Choose two correct answers.

A. A variable file
B. Defined in Environment variables
C. Inside the backend block within the Terraform configuration
D. Defined in a connection configuration outside of Terraform

Question # 8

Which are forbidden actions when the terraform state file is locked? Choose three correct answers.

A. Terraform state list
B. Terraform destroy
C. Terraform validate
D. Terraform validate
E. Terraform for
F. Terraform apply

Question # 9

Which of the following methods, used to provision resources into a public cloud, demonstrates the concept of infrastructure as code? 

A. curl commands manually run from a terminal
B. A sequence of REST requests you pass to a public cloud API endpoint Most Voted
C. A script that contains a series of public cloud CLI commands
D. A series of commands you enter into a public cloud console

Question # 10

Which of the following should you put into the required_providers block?

A. version >= 3.1
B. version = œ>= 3.1
C. version ~> 3.1

Question # 11

When using Terraform to deploy resources into Azure, which scenarios are true regarding state files?(Choose two.)

A. When you change a Terraform-managed resource via the Azure Cloud Console, Terraform updatesthe state file to reflect the change during the next plan or apply
B. Changing resources via the Azure Cloud Console records the change in the current state file
C. When you change a resource via the Azure Cloud Console, Terraform records the changes in a newstate file
D. Changing resources via the Azure Cloud Console does not update current state file

Question # 12

When you use a remote backend that needs authentication, HashiCorp recommends that you: 

A. Write the authentication credentials in the Terraform configuration files 
B. Keep the Terraform configuration files in a secret store 
C. Push your Terraform configuration to an encrypted git repository 
D. Use partial configuration to load the authentication credentials outside of the Terraform code 

Question # 13

Which option cannot be used to keep secrets out of Terraform configuration files?

A. A Terraform provider
B. Environment variables
C. A -var flag
D. secure string

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