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ISC2 SSCP Exam Dumps

Systems Security Certified Practitioner
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Exam Code SSCP
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ISC2 SSCP Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding a digital signature?

A. It is a method used to encrypt confidential data.
B. It is the art of transferring handwritten signature to electronic media.
C. It allows the recipient of data to prove the source and integrity of data.
D. It can be used as a signature system and a cryptosystem.

Question # 2

Which of the following standards concerns digital certificates?

A. X.400
B. X.25
C. X.509
D. X.75

Question # 3

Which of the following offers confidentiality to an e-mail message?

A. The sender encrypting it with its private key.
B. The sender encrypting it with its public key.
C. The sender encrypting it with the receiver's public key.
D. The sender encrypting it with the receiver's private key.

Question # 4

Which of the following protects Kerberos against replay attacks?

A. Tokens
B. Passwords
C. Cryptography
D. Time stamps

Question # 5

Which of the following is not a DES mode of operation?

A. Cipher block chaining
B. Electronic code book
C. Input feedback
D. Cipher feedback

Question # 6

Which of the following algorithms is used today for encryption in PGP?

C. Blowfish
D. RC5

Question # 7

What size is an MD5 message digest (hash)?

A. 128 bits
B. 160 bits
C. 256 bits
D. 128 bytes

Question # 8

What is the maximum allowable key size of the Rijndael encryption algorithm?

A. 128 bits
B. 192 bits
C. 256 bits
D. 512 bits

Question # 9

Which of the following service is not provided by a public key infrastructure (PKI)?

A. Access control
B. Integrity
C. Authentication
D. Reliability

Question # 10

In a Public Key Infrastructure, how are public keys published?

A. They are sent via e-mail.
B. Through digital certificates.
C. They are sent by owners.
D. They are not published.

Question # 11

Which of the following is NOT a property of the Rijndael block cipher algorithm?

A. The key sizes must be a multiple of 32 bits
B. Maximum block size is 256 bits
C. Maximum key size is 512 bits
D. The key size does not have to match the block size

Question # 12

What principle focuses on the uniqueness of separate objects that must be joined together toperform a task? It is sometimes referred to as “what each must bring” and joined together whengetting access or decrypting a file. Each of which does not reveal the other?

A. Dual control
B. Separation of duties
C. Split knowledge
D. Need to know

Question # 13

Which of the following is a symmetric encryption algorithm?

B. Elliptic Curve
C. RC5
D. El Gamal

Question # 14

What level of assurance for a digital certificate verifies a user's name, address, social securitynumber, and other information against a credit bureau database?

A. Level 1/Class 1
B. Level 2/Class 2
C. Level 3/Class 3
D. Level 4/Class 4

Question # 15

What algorithm has been selected as the AES algorithm, replacing the DES algorithm?

A. RC6
B. Twofish
C. Rijndael
D. Blowfish

Question # 16

Which of the following statements pertaining to block ciphers is incorrect?

A. It operates on fixed-size blocks of plaintext.
B. It is more suitable for software than hardware implementations.
C. Plain text is encrypted with a public key and decrypted with a private key.
D. Some Block ciphers can operate internally as a stream.

Question # 17

What can be defined as secret communications where the very existence of the message is hidden?

A. Clustering
B. Steganography
C. Cryptology
D. Vernam cipher

Question # 18

Which of the following BEST describes a function relying on a shared secret key that is used alongwith a hashing algorithm to verify the integrity of the communication content as well as the sender?

A. Message Authentication Code - MAC
B. PAM - Pluggable Authentication Module
C. NAM - Negative Acknowledgement Message
D. Digital Signature Certificate

Question # 19

What uses a key of the same length as the message where each bit or character from the plaintext is encrypted by a modular addition?

A. Running key cipher
B. One-time pad
C. Steganography
D. Cipher block chaining

Question # 20

Which of the following is true about link encryption?

A. Each entity has a common key with the destination node.
B. Encrypted messages are only decrypted by the final node.
C. This mode does not provide protection if anyone of the nodes along the transmission path is compromised.
D. Only secure nodes are used in this type of transmission.

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