Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.4 dumps

Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.4 Exam Dumps

Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.4
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Exam Code NSE7_EFW-6.4
Exam Name Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.4
Questions 102 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.4 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statements about bulk configuration changes using FortiManager CLI scripts arecorrect? (Choose two.)

A. When executed on the Policy Package, ADOM database, changes are applied directly to the managed FortiGate. 
B. When executed on the Device Database, you must use the installation wizard to apply the changes to the managed FortiGate. 
C. When executed on the All FortiGate in ADOM, changes are automatically installed without creating a new revision history. 
D. When executed on the Remote FortiGate directly, administrators do not have the option to review the changes prior to installation. 

Question # 2

Whendoes a RADIUS server send an Access-Challenge packet?

A. The server does not have the user credentials yet. 
B. The server requires more information from the user, such as the token code for twofactor authentication. 
C. The user credentials are wrong. 
D. The user account is not found in the server. 

Question # 3

Four FortiGate devices configured for OSPF connected to the same broadcast domain. The first unit is elected as the designated router The second unit is elected as the backupdesignated router Under normal operation, how many OSPFfull adjacencies are formed to each of the other two units?

A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 

Question # 4

Which two tasks are automated using the Install Wizard on FortiManager? (Choose two.)

A. Preview pending configuration changes for managed devices. 
B. Add devices to FortiManager. 
C. Import policy packages from managed devices. 
D. Install configuration changes to managed devices. 
E. Import interface mappings from managed devices. 

Question # 5

Anadministrator has configured a dial-up IPsec VPN with one phase 2, extended authentication (XAuth) and IKE mode configuration. The administrator has also enabled theIKE real time debug: diagnose debug application ike-1 diagnose debug enable In which order is each step and phase displayed in the debug output each time a new dialup user is connecting to the VPN?

A. Phase1; IKE mode configuration; XAuth; phase 2. 
B. Phase1; XAuth; IKE mode configuration; phase2. 
C. Phase1; XAuth; phase 2; IKE mode configuration. 
D. Phase1; IKE mode configuration; phase 2; XAuth. 

Question # 6

What is the purpose of an internal segmentation firewall (ISFW)?

A. It inspects incoming traffic to protect services in the corporate DMZ. 
B. It is the first line of defense at the network perimeter. 
C. It splits the network into multiple security segments to minimize the impact of breaches. 
D. It is anall-in-one security appliance that is placed at remote sites to extend the enterprise  network. 

Question # 7

Which statement is true regarding File description (FD) conserve mode?

A. IPS inspection is affected when FortiGate enters FD conserve mode. 
B. A FortiGate enters FD conserve mode when the amount of available description is less than 5%. 
C. FD conserve mode affects all daemons running on the device. 
D. Restarting the WAD process is required to leave FD conserve mode. 

Question # 8

An administrator wants to capture ESP traffic between two FortiGates using the built-in sniffer.If the administrator knows that there is no NAT device located between bothFortiGates, what command should the administrator execute?

A. diagnose sniffer packet any ‘udp port 500’ 
B. diagnose sniffer packet any ‘udp port 4500’ 
C. diagnose snifferpacket any ‘esp’ 
D. diagnose sniffer packet any ‘udp port 500 or udp port 4500’ 

Question # 9

The CLI command set intelligent-mode <enable | disable> controls the IPS engine’s adaptivescanning behavior. Which of the following statements describes IPS adaptivescanning?

A. Determines the optimal number of IPS engines required based on system load. 
B. Downloads signatures on demand from FDS based on scanning requirements. 
C. Determines when it is secure enough to stop scanning session traffic. 
D. Choose a matching algorithm based on available memory and the type of inspection being performed. 

Question # 10

Which real time debug should an administrator enable to troubleshoot RADIUS authentication problems?

A. Diagnose debug application radius -1. 
B. Diagnose debug application fnbamd -1. 
C. Diagnose authd console –log enable. 
D. Diagnose radius console –log enable. 

Question # 11

A FortiGate is rebooting unexpectedly without any apparent reason. What troubleshooting tools could an administrator use to get more information about the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Firewall monitor. 
B. Policy monitor. 
C. Logs. 
D. Crashlogs. 

Question # 12

Examine the following partial outputs from two routing debug commands; then answer the question below. # get router info kernel tab=254 vf=0 scope=0type=1 proto=11 prio=> pref= gwy= dev=2(port1) tab=254 vf=0 scope=0type=1 proto=11 prio=10> pref= dev=3(port2) tab=254 vf=0 scope=253type=1 proto=2 prio=0> pref= gwy= dev=4(port3) # get router info routing-table all s* [10/0] via, portl [10/0] via, port2, [10/0] dO.0.1.0/24 is directly connected, port3 dO.200.1.0/24 is directly connected, portl d0.200.2.0/24 is directly connected, port2 Which outbound interface or interfaces will be used by this FortiGate to route web traffic from internal users to the Internet?

A. port! 
B. port2. 
C. Both portl and port2. 
D. port3. 

Question # 13

When using the SSL certificate inspection method for HTTPS traffic, how does FortiGate filter web requests when the browser client does not provide the server name indication (SNI) extension?

A. FortiGate uses CN information from the Subject field in the server’s certificate. 
B. FortiGate switches to the full SSL inspection method to decrypt the data. 
C. FortiGate blocks the request without any further inspection. 
D. FortiGate uses the requested URL from the user’s web browser. 

Question # 14

Which statement about memory conserve mode is true?

A. A FortiGate exits conserve mode when the configured memory use threshold reaches yellow. 
B. A FortiGate starts dropping all the new and old sessions when the configured memory use threshold reaches extreme. 
C. A FortiGate starts dropping new sessions when the configured memory use threshold reaches red 
D. A FortiGate enters conserve mode when the configured memory use threshold reaches red 

Question # 15

An administrator has configured a FortiGate device with two VDOMs: root and internal. The administrator has also created and inter-VDOM link that connects both VDOMs. Theobjective is to have each VDOM advertise some routes to the other VDOM via OSPF through the inter-VDOM link. What OSPF configuration settings must match in bothVDOMs to have the OSPF adjacency successfully forming? (Choose three.)

A. Router ID. 
B. OSPF interface area. 
C. OSPF interface cost. 
D. OSPF interface MTU. 
E. Interface subnet mask. 

Question # 16

View the IPS exit log, and then answer the question below. # diagnose test application ipsmonitor 3 ipsengine exit log” pid = 93 (cfg), duration = 5605322 (s) at Wed Apr19 09:57:26 2017code = 11, reason: manualWhat is the status of IPS on this FortiGate?

A. IPS engine memory consumption has exceeded the model-specific predefined value. 
B. IPS daemon experienced a crash. 
C. There are communication problems between theIPS engine and the management database. 
D. All IPS-related features have been disabled in FortiGate’s configuration.

Question # 17

What global configuration setting changes the behavior for content-inspected traffic while FortiGate is in system conserve mode?

A. av-failopen 
B. mem-failopen 
C. utm-failopen 
D. ips-failopen 

Question # 18

What is the diagnose test application ipsmonitor 99 command used for?

A. To enable IPS bypass mode 
B. To provide information regarding IPS sessions 
C. To disable the IPS engine 
D. To restart all IPS engines and monitors 

Question # 19

Which the following events can trigger the election of a new primary unit in a HA cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Primary unit stops sending HA heartbeatkeepalives. 
B. The FortiGuard license for the primary unit is updated. 
C. One of the monitored interfaces in the primary unit is disconnected. 
D. A secondary unit is removed from the HA cluster. 

Question # 20

Which of the following statements is trueregarding a FortiGate configured as an explicit web proxy?

A. FortiGate limits the number of simultaneous sessions per explicit web proxy user. This limit CANNOT be modified by the administrator. 
B. FortiGate limits the total number of simultaneous explicit web proxy users. 
C. FortiGate limits the number of simultaneous sessions per explicit web proxy user The limit CAN be modified by the administrator 
D. FortiGate limits the number of workstations that authenticate using the same web proxy usercredentials. This limit CANNOT be modified by the administrator. 

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